Which Direction?!?!


1. Just a Dream

That's what makes you beautiful!

"Oh my GAWD Alyssa, just dream that one day we could actually meet One Direction!" screeched Alana

"Alana, you have one of the  best oppourtunities in the world to. Your dad is their producer, the one who made them into a band." replied Alyssa

"Yeah, but you know how he is........his clients are alwasy strictly buisness, never any contact with his family."

"Girl it reeks how your dad is always just buisness...he needs to loosen up a bit"

"You know his image Simon Cowell, producer, director blah blah blah. Sometimes...I wish he could just be a dad, who knew One Direction"

Yup...I knew his stupid image. Why can't he use the power and privleges he has to just let his daughter meet One Direction, please its the best he could do for me! I mean I'm tired of lettng these celebrities just slip through my fingers like jelly. The only thing I really have to do to get them is to just constantly annoy my dad. If you keep bugging him, he will give in. Tugh on the outside, but like a  warm cookie on the inside.


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