the little match girl

this is about a little girl who lives on the street with no family no food no money and she is trying to sell some matches then .............


1. the little match girl

Im so cold I say.........somebody please buy my matches I need the money but nobody would buy the matches. The little girl had ragged cloths no money and needed shelter fast because it started to snow heavily so she decided to go under somebodys door shelter she was ever so cold so she decided to light a candle the first candle she lit she could see a house all lit up and she could hear lots of noise like people talking having a good time and she could hear children playing, but then the match went out she lit another one and began to smile she lit all 6 matches ontil she had none left the she looked at the stars and saw a star fall from the sky she remembered what her grandmother had said everytime a star falls you will be saved  she kept thinking about her grandmother then and how she died the she could see alight in the distense it began to come closer and closer she could see that it was her grandmother then the little girl said " granny take me with you were ever your going or were ever you have been" ,and then the grandmother picket the wee girl up and travelled away to  heaven now the little girl wouldnt have to worry about getting money getting food or selleing matches she was safe with god. that morning the door she yous to rest under was a man called jimmys door and he founed her lieing on the front door step with ragged cloths and a little white face, but she had something unusual on her face a lttle perfect smile the end.  

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