Living On The Edge

Living on the edge doing what you want. Not listening to others and what they have to say.


1. Living On The Edge

Do what you want

When you want

Don't worry about what

Other's think or say


Go where you want

Or fly away

Dream all day and night

Think of what you want


Say what you please

Run in the park

Go places in the dark

Don't hide in fear


Go for a walk

Or a wild ride

Do something you don't understand

Research the world


Living on the edge

Get wild

Have lot's of fun

Let's do something weird


Live your life the way you want

Don't let other's tell you what to do

Go to places unknown

Fly a plane


Jump out to

Do your thing

Walk your way

Play in the hay


Find a man

Be all you can

Please and tease

Go out on the town


High heels

Stocking's to

Short skirt

Live on the edge



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