The Window Of Your Soul

The window of your soul is open for all to see. How we live and what we do. No matter how hard we try, we all make mistakes.


1. Ehe Window Of Your Soul

I was by the window looking at the moon,  and the stars  shining so bright.  Thinking of the things  that

used to be.  When things go wrong, we ask  God for help.  when things are going right,  We never thank him.


You see things everyday that God make's for us.  Through the eyes he gave us.  The windows of our soul.  Flowers are blooming, winds are blowing,  trees blow in the breeze.  All the things that God gave to us.  For beauty and pleasure.  It never stops or goes away,  what God does for us.


The window of our soul is open for all to see.  What we think,  feel,  do,  or say.  Everyone can see us for what we are.  No matter how hard we try.  Everyone makes mistakes.  We open the windows of our soul for hurt and pain.


Yet we are never alone.  God is always there looking and waiting for us to turn to him.  No matter what we do.  He will be there for us.  He won't turn his back on us.  Or walk away.  He will wipe our tears and hold his arms out for us.  He will listen to our every prayer.  Just listen to your heart.  Turn to God.  Open your eyes and ears.  The window of your soul is God's.

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