Truth be Told

Ashlee Jordan is an artistic, beautiful girl, and of course just moved to a dull, dirty small city in Rhode Island, making her quiet and withdrawn. Her step-father beats her and her older brother can only protect her when he's not paying bills or working a sixteen hour day at his job at the local auto-shop. Will anybody save her from her reality?


4. Science

The glares throughout the hallway were ticking me off. Brent was walking in front of me, and just kept his badass reputation easily. I rolled my eyes. Badass? Puh-lease he was begging me to ride to school with him. I stopped at my locker to grab my Chemistry book and walked to the science lab. Today we were doing an experiment. Something with sulfur dioxide. I got in there and sat in the back corner by myself. But soon the seat next to me was taken. Without looking, I already knew it was Brent.

I was spaced out for at least half the hour until Brent started shaking me. "What?" I snapped. My face began growing hot. He smirked. "You're blushing." I scowled.  I scowled, “No I’m not!” And I hid my face in embarrassment, realizing I had been staring at him. This is awkward... Brent snatched my hand from my face and was still smirking. "Don't hide your face, you're cute when you blush." I glared at him. "Haha very funny." He shrugged. "So, are we going to do this experiment or what?" I looked at him in confusion, "What experiment?" He laughed. "The one that we were supposed to be doing when you were staring at me?" He said with a grin.

I groaned. This is going to suck.



Sorry for the late udate


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