Truth be Told

Ashlee Jordan is an artistic, beautiful girl, and of course just moved to a dull, dirty small city in Rhode Island, making her quiet and withdrawn. Her step-father beats her and her older brother can only protect her when he's not paying bills or working a sixteen hour day at his job at the local auto-shop. Will anybody save her from her reality?


1. Out of Mind

I held the picture close to my heart and let the betraying tear slip down my jaw and hit the concrete floor. It was of him. Of the one who saved me. He was a senior, about eighteen, probably a half a foot taller than me. He protected me from my step-dad who would've hit me with the broken beer bottle if he wasn't there. "Ashlee,"  My brother said strongly. "What?" I whispered. "It's okay to cry." He answered. I glared up at him. "No it's not. It never was." I replied. "Ashlee." He repeated. "Shut up Jesse." I yelled in anger. "Ash, no. You're only seventeen cry all you want." So I did. I sobbed in my brothers arms until I was dried out of tears. I eventually fell asleep and the nightmare hit me like a semi-truck.

The door slammed open and my drunk step-father stormed in. "ASHLEE! Get me one of those drinks that you light on fire!" He slurred. I winced as yet another bottle smashed next to my head. I look over at my partner for my science project next to me and sighed. Not now, not with Brent right here. "I'm sorry Brent, you can go home." I whispered. "WHAT'S GOING ON, WHO IS THAT?" Brent yelled. "No one." I lied. "It doesn't sound like no one." He said in a softer tone. "Just go!" I yelled. He winced at how loud I spoke, I was naturally the one who sat in the back of the class and didn't say much, but he quickly covered it up. "Who is down there?" He demanded. "My step-dad." I muttered. Brent stood up and walked over to my step-dad. "No!" I pleaded. He picked him up by his neck in a strangling hold and chucked him at the wall. I jumped when I heard the bones crack of my guardian. I looked up to where Brent was but he was already gone...


Well this is my first story on here!!! I hate to do this to everyone but I don't want to update if no one reads this so 5 comments and 20 reads Thanks




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