Truth be Told

Ashlee Jordan is an artistic, beautiful girl, and of course just moved to a dull, dirty small city in Rhode Island, making her quiet and withdrawn. Her step-father beats her and her older brother can only protect her when he's not paying bills or working a sixteen hour day at his job at the local auto-shop. Will anybody save her from her reality?


2. From the Start

I never really thought of why my parents split, I was only seven, Jesse was twelve, we didn't really mind my father leaving. We thought that if he left my mother would be happier. But she wasn't. She was always upset, sleeping around with guys she randomly picked up at bars at the nearby towns, until she met Jonathon. They fell in love and got married. Soon came along my little sister Tinsley. Jon loved Tinsley with all his heart but when my mom died of breast cancer, that's when the abuse began. My little sister, who was five at the time got saved by my Uncle Luke and they moved to Hawaii, leaving my thirteeen year old self and my eighteen year old brother alone with Jon. He was upset that Tinsley was gone and my mom was dead and began getting drunk occasionally.

It turned to the point where we barely saw my step-dad sober, the night he first hit me was on a cold day when i was almost thirteen. He came home staggering all around, nothing new, I brought him chicken and rice for dinner and apparently it was too hot so i went to school the next day with a black, blue, and green bruise. Jesse could barely protect me because he had a job at a local resturant and had to pay bills and work all the time. Maybe one day, when we actually got money, we could move out. But until then, we were stuck with Jon. Since Brent is involved now, maybe something will change.


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