Truth be Told

Ashlee Jordan is an artistic, beautiful girl, and of course just moved to a dull, dirty small city in Rhode Island, making her quiet and withdrawn. Her step-father beats her and her older brother can only protect her when he's not paying bills or working a sixteen hour day at his job at the local auto-shop. Will anybody save her from her reality?


5. Butting Heads

Why? That is all I wonder. Why is Brent in all my classes? Why is he always my partner for projects? i just want answers. No, I need answers. I was pouring the green acid stuff in the purple acid stuff and hoping I didn't blow up. Okay, I'll admit it, science is not my best subject. I finish pouring it and began writing observations. 'The acid is foaming over the cylinder.' *poke* 'The color is a weird blue.' *poke* 'It smells like eggs.' *poke*

I glared at Brent. "Will you STOP POKING ME?!?" I hissed. He smirked. "Nah, it's too fun to bother you. You're hot when you're mad." My face was probably a deep red by then. "Whatever." I scowled. When I finally finished the project with no help from Brent, I started drawing in my notebook. I was completely oblivious to the eyes over my shoulder watching me until Brent's hot breath was on my neck. "That's really good." He whispered in my ear. I whipped my head around to face him but instead I slammed my head against his. I groaned and held my throbbing forehead in agony. Brent was doing the same but started laughing at me. "You don't think before you act do you?" He said between laughs while we were on our way to the nurse's office. I sighed. "No I do not, apparently." I admitted.

He smiled. "That's good because," He stopped me as I looked at him in confusion. "I don't think either." And then he brought his lips crashing down on mine, slowly and savoring the taste and feel. My mouth was burning with passion and I began kissing him back with all the fire I've held back for all these years.


Now how will Ashlee react after the kiss?



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