Truth be Told

Ashlee Jordan is an artistic, beautiful girl, and of course just moved to a dull, dirty small city in Rhode Island, making her quiet and withdrawn. Her step-father beats her and her older brother can only protect her when he's not paying bills or working a sixteen hour day at his job at the local auto-shop. Will anybody save her from her reality?


3. An unexpected act of "kindness"

I woke up, drenched in cold sweat, annoyingly sticking to my body. I turned off my school alarm and got out of bed. Looking into the mirror, I noticed my eyes were slightly bloodshot and bags were barely there under them. Groaning, I grabbed an old softball sweatshirt and put on skinny jeans along with them. I let my auburn waves cascade from my high messy bun and decided to leave them down, just hitting my lower back. I applied a small amount of mascara and after brushing my teeth, swiped on clear lipgloss. After staring into the cold, almost black eyes in the mirror, I frowned. Biting my lip in frustration, my only happy memory slipped out of my grasp when i remembered that Jon ruined everything I loved.

I would paint everyday, and was the best second baseman on the softball and baseball team. Just softball wasn't enough for me, I absorbed that sport like it was air. In fact it was my air. I constantly showed up people who underestimated my power and skill. Without that, my life is miserable. Painting was my escape, my hidden room that instantly took me away from my rough times. But that was when my eyes were actually a chocolate brown. When I actually had life in them.

I skipped breakfast, like usual and began walking to school. A black mustang convertible pulled up next to me. It was none other than the famous Brent Daniels. "Hey, Ashlee. Come on get in, I'll take you to school." He yelled. I rolled my eyes. "No." I casually replied. "You're not walking to school." He answered. I rose an eyebrow at him. "Really? Cause, I've been walking to school all year, I think I can do it again." I snapped. Brent's face grew solemn. "Get in the car." He demanded. I faced him angrily. "Just because you know how much my life sucks, doesn't mean I can become your charity case." I hissed. I think that made him snap because he ended up taking me to school, much to my dismay. Let's just say that if I was ever kidnapped, I'd be screwed.

As we arrived to the high school, I jumped out of Brent's car and began quickly walking away. "Aye! Don't I get a thank you?" Brent yelled with a smirk. I spun around and icily smirked. "Not even when hell freezes over!" And walked away before anyone could give me a weird look.

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