Magic Kitten

A tiny kitten twinkles with magic. But he needs a purrfect friend.

And that's how maddy's lonely summer becomes filled with some very special friends when she discovers a gorgeous black and white kitten, Flame...


1. Prologue

The young,white lion's heart beat fast as he climbed the dusty hillside. Below him, the valley was shimmering in the heat. All was quiet. Flame felt a surge of hope. Perhaps it was safe to be here. Suddenly the terrifying roar rang out and an enormous, black adult lion bounded onto a rock high above him.
"Ebony!" Flame gasped in fear. There was a bright flash and a shower of silver sparks. In the young, white lion's place now crouched a fluffy, black and white kitten with a bushy tail.

Flame's tiny kitten heart pounded backed up slowly and scrambled into a nearby cave. He hoped his disguise would protect him from his uncle.
Flame could hear breathing and there came the sound of claws scrabbling on stone. A huge paw, as big as Flame was now, reached out and scooped him up.

Flame whimpered and tried to struggle free. This was it! The end. But instead of being dragged out on to the hillside, he found him self drawn deeper into the cave.
"Greetings, Prince Flame!" Rumbled a deep, gentle voice. "I am glad to see you safe and well. But you have returned at a dangerous time."

Flame blinked up at the old, grey lion with relief. "Cirrus! I see that my uncle still rules the kingdom."
Cirrus nodded gravely," He does. And he has many spies looking for you. If Ebony finds you, then there will be no one to stop his evil."
"One day I will challenge him and take back the lion throne," Flame me we'd bravely, his emerald eyes smouldering.

Cirris nodded, his worn teeth showing in a proud smile. "But for now, you must leave. Use this disguise to hide in the other world. Return when you are strong a d wise."

Another fierce roar split the air. Flame glimpsed a huge, dark shape at the cave's entrance.
"Come out, Flame! Let us end this now!" Ebony growled coldly.
"Go! Save yourself!" Cirrus urged.

The tiny kitten me we'd as he felt the power inside him. Silver sparks ignited in his fluffy black and white fur. Flame felt himself falling, falling...
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