Fairy Tales and Make-Believe

A poem I wrote, inspired by 'I'll Try', sung by Jonatha Brooke; about growing up.


1. Fairy Tales and Make-Believe

I'm no longer a child, and I'm too old

for fairy tales and make-believe,

I've long since put my toys aways

and left the world of pretend behind.


I've changed, and there's no going back

to who I used to be,

There's no place for such childish stories

in my world.


Hopless dreams are thrown away

and childish fantasies unwind.

I've no time for fairy tales and make-believe;

it's long since time to leave childhood behind.


You say I'm the only one for you,

and I want so much to believe;

But it's so hard to trust what my eyes cannot see,

True love exists only in fairy tales.


I don't understand, what is love?

I can't see what others see,

To me, it's all fairy tales and make-believe.

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