Wake Me Up

A poem I originally wrote as a song, inspired by Emmy Rossum's 'Slow Me Down'. About walking around as if in a dream.


1. Wake Me Up

Always with my head up in the clouds,

Though I know I should be paying attention;

Dreaming and fantasizing,

Trying to escape the pain of loneliness,

Lost in the labyrinth of my mind.

I'm drifting away.


Wake me up;

Don't let the dream consume me

Please bring me back to relaity,

Don't let me lose myself

and dream my life away.


I can't wait to fall in love

but I'm afraid of the heartache.

I'm living but not alive,

Falling deeping into the dream;

Show me that realityis better than fantasy;

Give me a taste of what life is truly about.

Won't you kiss my lips

and wake me?


I can't spend the rest of my life

locked away inside of myself.

Somebody, please, wake me up


Wake me up.

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