The Tree

Rose and Dean were childhood best friends and they still would be if Dean hadn't had to move to another country. He moved when they were 7 years old and they never kept contact. They always used to go to this big tree in a field where they would play and just sit around. Rose still visits the tree everyday. No one ever goes there. Now its 10 years after Dean moved and he's back but Rose doesn't know it. She just thinks there's this stranger sitting at her tree. But when school starts up they soon realize who they really are. But maybe it's not a very happy moment when they find out who they are. It may be the complete opposite then happy.


3. Chapter Two

Chapter Two

     I'm still sitting at my tree with this mysterious person next to me. It almost looks like he's asleep. I don't blame him, I've fallen asleep many times here before. I'm not your ordinary girl. I don't read magazines and watch gossip girl. I like to blast my iPod in my iHome while jumping, dancing, and singing along to the music with my hair brush as my micro phone.

   I don't go crazy over boy bands. I just listen to there music, buy there cd, and put it on my iPod. Then I toss the cd's into a box I have in my closet. My house is a normal house. 4 bedroom, 2 bath, and a basement. I don't have a walk in closet or my own bathroom connected to my room. My parents have those though. Daniel and I have to share a bathroom. Let me tell you it's not the nicest smelling place when you share with your brother. 

    You might think of me as a nerd but I'm not. I have the nerd glasses. I don't have braces. I do get all A's. i don't have any social life. No friends either. It's just me, myself, and I. I do my best to survive high school without being noticed. I try not to run into the popular's or god knows what'll happen then. I don't really go to school dances. Well I do sometimes. Not all the time but sometimes. 

   I felt my phone vibrate in my white shorts pocket. I slide it out of my pocket and see it's a text from my mom. Might be important. I close my book and unlock my phone so I can use it. I go into my text messages to see the text from my mom.

Mom: Honey come on home we're going out for lunch.

Me: Okay mom I'm leaving my tree now.

  I stood up and brushed the grass off my my clothes. I bent down and grabbed my book. I turned around so I could begin my walk home. I looked over my shoulder to see the mystery boy still sitting there with his eyes closed looking like he's in a peaceful sleep. I let out a sigh and start walking out of the field and to the bike racks. I unlocked my bike and climbed on. 

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