The Tree

Rose and Dean were childhood best friends and they still would be if Dean hadn't had to move to another country. He moved when they were 7 years old and they never kept contact. They always used to go to this big tree in a field where they would play and just sit around. Rose still visits the tree everyday. No one ever goes there. Now its 10 years after Dean moved and he's back but Rose doesn't know it. She just thinks there's this stranger sitting at her tree. But when school starts up they soon realize who they really are. But maybe it's not a very happy moment when they find out who they are. It may be the complete opposite then happy.


2. Chapter One

Chapter One


        I was sitting under the tree. Our tree, but now it's just mine. I miss him I really do miss him. He was a special person in my life. I never understood why he had to leave. I was only a little oblivious child then. I should've known one day he was going to leave. I just ever expected it to be so soon. We used to come to the field and climb the tree everyday. It was our hang out. We even carved our enitials in the tree bark right smack in the center. The funny thing is that we put a heart around our names.

      I wish we could go back to the old days but theres no possible way. The past is the past and now we're in the future. I have to live my life without him now. There's no more best friend. There's no more fort buddie. No more ice cream fights. And no more Dean. I don't exactly remember what happened but that day changed my life. That day broke me to pieces. Shattered my heart. I couldn't bare my life without him. I wouldn't even come out of my room for 5 days, I was only 7 at the time though.

     I still feel the pain of not being by his side to this day. It's completely different now a days. Everyone only knows me as 'the girl who cried for years over her best friend'. They make fun of me for that. I wouldn't make fun of them if it happened to them. I just don't get why people have to be so cruel. It's disturbing really. I wish people wouldn't say mean things to others. It just breaks my heart.

    I push my big black rimmed nerd glasses up again so I can see. A deep sigh escapes my lips as I'm looking out at the grass swaying in the summer breeze. It's not every day when it's this quiet. I lean my head back againts the slightly warm tree trunk and close my eyes. I breath in then open my eyes and start reading my book. I pull my knees closer to my chest and rest my book on them. I'm reading Maximum Ride: Fang. I love this series of books. They're very detailed and it's very fun to read.

    I hear the grass ruffleing louder than usual but just ignore it. As I'm reading the part where Fang is finding more people for his new flock, I hear someone sigh and slide down onto the ground about 10 or so feet away from me. Looking up from my book I see that this perosn is wearing converse and jeans. As I continue looking up to face this mystery person I definately know it's a guy. He's wearing a tight, white v-neck shirt. Which makes it easy to see his very sculpted abbs and his biceps. He must be really strong. I wonder if he plays any sports?

     He's looking out ahead of him like he's enjoying the peace and quiet. I notice he has memorizing deep chocolate brown eyes that could draw anyone's attention. His hair looks like it's wind swept, its a sandy blonde color. He's got a nice tan to, I can't see any tan line. Well from what I can see. He looks like he's around my age. 17, he's not to old looking and yet not to young looking. Just like a 17 year old boy should look like. His jaw line is set tight ans straight. There's a little scar on his right cheek. I wonder how he got that?

    As I look closer I realize he's deep in thought. Huh I wonder what he's thinking about. Well whatever's troubling him isn't really my buisness. This tree is a good spot to just sit and think. I think he'll find a solution to what ever problem he has. Over all, he's not bad looking. He's quite attractive if I do say so myself.

    I let my head fall back against the tree again while watching my golden curls fly by my face. I wonder who this new boy is. I wonder if he's going to o to the same school as me. I wonder if he'll join in on the bulling. I just wonder. But most of all I wonder what it would be like if Dean never left.

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