Letters To Niall

When Carter Rose is having problems and not even her best friend Chloe can talk to her she decides to try a pen pal. Little did she know that itwould make her end up in a sintuation like this.


4. Chapter 4

Niall's POV

I was pacing the room, had the person recieved my letter yet? Has he/she written back and I have got new wail? Does it matter? What if this person doesn't care at all and is mad at me for not putting my name? Niall snap out of it, I mean c'mon really? You were forced to do this, you didn't even think that Pen Pal's are your thing. But what if it is? What if this person can change my life completely? Stop Niall, you're really thinking crazy.

I stopped pacing and finally just went into the kitchen to get a can of soda. I sighed quietly, making sure Liam-sittng on the couch watching Toy Story of course-doesn't hear me. I don't want to talk to any of them, I'm still angry.

I opened the fridge door quietly, I grabbed the 8-pack of soda. I tip-toed away, then I stubbed my toe on the counter. "FU-" I started saying, Liam whipped his head around, giving me a 'don't you dare finish that word' look. "Ugh.....Fudge..." I said, he sighed and paused the movie.

"Are you alright mate?" He turned his full attention to me. I shrugged and nodded, I stompped back to my room. I opened the door and Louis was sitting on the edge of the bed. I almost dropped the cans.

"Bloody hell Louis, you scared me half to death and you didnt even say anything!" He smirked. "What do you want?" I said rather harshly, I almost said sorry but I decided not to. After al he was part of the reason I'm doing this.

"Don't have to be rude," I rolled my eyes. I set the pop on my counterand sat on the bed. "The psychiatrist toldd me that she signed you up for a pen pal, and you wrote her a letter?" I open a can, I nod, "Maybe...Uhm, do you want to check the mail with me?" I sighed, I was actually considering about going. I shrugged and took a big gulp on my soda. "Sure I guess," He smiled. He really does care about me though, they all do. I love them, they are my lads...But seriously sometimes they made me angry. He got upand gestured for me to come, I looked down at my self. Sweats, Jack Wills sweatshirt, sandals. Eh, good enough. I walked out the door with Louis. I hope that there is some mail waiting for me.


Carter's POV

I woke up on the edge of my bed, I almost fell off. Why do I keep rolling off or almost rolling off my bed? I grabbed my Iphone and searched. The results came out to: I roll off my bed because i'm depressed and emotional. I'm not depressed!! Or emotional!! Am I? I don't know...I think I'm scared and sad and angry.... Oh my goodness I am emotional. But am I depressed? I sighed, well I think I'll jut lay around the house today. I don't feel talking to mum or dad, or even Chloe. N.H probably didn't get my letter yet.He/she probably doesn't care. The letter said that he/she was forced to do this, just like I was. I sighed, I really don't want to do this anymore. No matter how excited I am.

I fell asleep, I want to take a np. I will I don't want to wake up today. I don't want to wake up again, at least not until tomorrow. I'm feeling really lazy today. Hopefully I don't roll off my bed.

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