Letters To Niall

When Carter Rose is having problems and not even her best friend Chloe can talk to her she decides to try a pen pal. Little did she know that itwould make her end up in a sintuation like this.


3. Chapter 3

Carter's POV

The next day I woke up on my floor. I groaned, I must have rolled off my bed..Again. I got up and got changed. I grabbed my car keys "I'm going to check the mail mum!" I shouted walking out the door.

"Okay! See you soon." she said. I closed the door, I wonder if the letter came in yet? I don't know, I hopped into my car.  When I finally made it to the post office, where we get our mail, I saw someone I didnt want to see. Shyanne. She is the one you beats me everyday, she doesnt do it as much but she still does when I see her. I ducked down, hopefully she hadn't seen me. I sat there in ana akward position for 5 minutes. I looked up, she was gone. I walked out of my car and into the mail place.

"The Rose's mail boc key please," The man behind the desk nodded and handed me the key. I walked owner to mail box 482, I opened it up. I grabbed everything in there. Bills. Bills. Spam. Bills. Costco Coupons. Bills. Letter. The letter is here, and it's from...ENGLAND?!?! How did it get here so quickly? I don't know, dont read it yet Carter.Get inside your room and read it first.

I handed the key back to the man. He put it back where is was. "Have a nice day Ms. Rose" I thanked him and walked outside. I scoped the area, no Shyanne in site. I quickly walked in my car. I can't take it any longer, but I have to leave just in case Shy comes back. I drove away, making sure I don't hit any pedestrians.


Niall's POV

I woke up, my head was hurting. Another hang owver, I drank 5 beers last night. I sat up groaning. My phone buzzed on my bed, another twitter mention. It only reminded me of all the hate last night, which was the reason I have 5 empty glasses of beer on my floor. I grabbed the aspirin from the night stand next to me. I popped it in my mouth and washed it down with some water. I opened my door, nobody was home. I walked to the kitchen, there was a not on the fridge. Niall you were asleep and drank a lot of beer again. you probably have a hangover so we didnt want to wake you, we went to the movies. Call if you need anything xx ~Liam.

I sighed, they went to the movies with out me. Whatever, probably for the best i'm home alone anyways. I don't want to talk to anyone, or deal with screaming fans today. Then again I never do. I grabbed something to eat and plopped my self on the couch. I turned on the telly. "ONE DIRECTION-" I flipped the channel. "Biggest boy band in history, One Di-" Flipped the channel. "ONE DIRECTI-" I turned off the telly. Why must everything be about us? I looked hideous everywhere. I sighed. Whatever.


Carter's POV

Dear whoever you are, I don't know who you are. What your name is, but I don't care. I was sort of forced to write this. Pen pal's aren't really my thing. I don't know if it's your thing. I hope when I get your letter I will know you better. I am...I wont tell you yet. Let me get to know you first. I just want this to get over with. Well, write you later



Who could N.H be? He wanted to get to know me first? Maybe I wanted to get to know him first! Whatever, you know what I'll be the bigger person and say who I am first.

Dear N.H, I'm trying to figure out what N.H could stand for. I'm not sure, I decided I will be the bigger person. I'm Carter Rose, I have brown hair and blue eyes. I think I look disgusting. Want to see a picture? Eh, I'll give you one anyways though I look hideous. Yeah I was forced to do this as well. I want to not do this too. I hate it, but ever since...The incident..I have been feeling very depressed, alone, like I can trust no one. I can't even trust my bestfriend Chloe! I have no idea why. Well, I'll tell you what happened if you tell me why YOU were forced to do this. Dont forget to tell me who you are. Heres my picture.


Carter Rose

I slipped my picture in the envelope and sighed. I'll put it in the mail tomorrow. I put my letter into the envelope. I fell asleep, hugging the letter that the anonymous person wrote me. For some strange reason.. I feel like I can trust him/her. I feel like I could pour everything onto that letter and the person will understand. I hope I will get to know him/her better. With those thoughts, my eye lids shut close, and I was dreaming about who it could be.



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