Letters To Niall

When Carter Rose is having problems and not even her best friend Chloe can talk to her she decides to try a pen pal. Little did she know that itwould make her end up in a sintuation like this.


6. Cahpter 6

Niall's POV

Dear Carter,

Beautiful name, your beautiful too. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has been forced to do this. But I can't help that maybe I'm excited to recieve your letters, and write them. I have no idea why...I feel like I can...Trust you? I don't know. I'm stupid. Anyways, since you told me who you are I will tell you who I am. I am Niall Horan. Incase you don't know me, I'm from One Direction. Yeah, I'm crossing my fingers you aren't a fangirl. Anyways, I should leave you to reading this now. I'm so glad that this letter gets sent less than a day. Oh and do you feel that feeling that I can trust you? If that makes sense...I don't know. Sorry, I'm a bit tired. Talk to you later I guess. Bye.


Niall Horan (N.H)

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