You can't help who you fall in love with.
A series of events that test the relationship between Justin and one of his fans.
Will they be able to overcome what stands in their way of happiness?


2. Live performance

Spencer and i got into the car and we drove to the venue. It was only 3pm and the concert started at 7, but Spencer wanted to get there early. 
When we got there, there was already a lot of people queuing. We got into the queue and Spencer was absolutely ecstatic, she couldn't stand still. Girls all along the queue burst out into singing, so obviously me and Spencer joined in. Pretty soon the whole queue were singing 'Boyfriend'. 

2 hours past and they started letting us into the venue. We had standing tickets, so i tried to find the entrance to get there. A few others were walking with us, all trying to find it. I caught movement in the corner of my eye and looked over to my right only to see Justin creeping around trying not to get noticed. He saw that i'd noticed him and gestured me to be quiet by placing his finger over his lips and winked. I smiled and nodded before carrying on into the open arena.

'30 MINUTES!' Spencer was overly excited which was making me excited. Yet i couldn't help but recall back to seeing Justin before. He looked so much more gorgeous in person. I found myself in a daydream, thinking about what i would say to Justin at the meet and greet, how i would act. Would i play it cool or act a bit flirty?
Spencer brought me back to reality by nudging me and saying 'Justin's on in 2 minutes!'
The lights when down and a cloud of smoke covered the stage. All Around The World started playing and eventually the smoke started to clear and there he was, Justin, standing on stage, smiling at the crowd. He performed so incredibly, the dance routines, his voice, the way he interacted with his fans. It all made me fall in love with him that little bit more. 
The crowd was going wild, all the screaming fans, some holding up banners, the majority of them crying because their idol was only feet away from them.

Justin performed a few other songs and then started talking to the audience in a British accent. A Canadian doing a British accent?! I swear if i wasn't surrounded by millions of other girls, i would've fainted. 
'I love coming out to London to perform for you guys, you're amazing' Justin said.
The whole crowd screamed.
'But there's something i want you all to tell me..' Silence filled the arena.
He continued, 'Who in the crowd is single?' More screaming.
Justin laughed, oh my it was such a cute laugh. A laugh i could listen to for hours.
'You're all looking very beautiful tonight' Even more screaming. Justin could say anything and the crowd would go mental.
Justin scanned the crowd and our eyes met, i smiled and to my surprise he smiled back. My knees went weak. We were front row so i could see the sincerity in his smile, like nothing i'd ever seen before. Maybe he recognized me from earlier, i don't know.
'So what i wanted to ask was.. who wants to be my one less lonely girl?' Justin smiled, an even bigger smile.
Screams of desperation erupted in the venue, and beside me Spencer was jumping up and down like an absolute maniac. 
I picked her up and put her on my shoulders. She waved frantically and to my amazement, Justin motioned to one of the guys backstage to come out. A huge bald man appeared next to him and Justin pointed at me and Spencer. The man walked down the stairs over to me and took Spencer off my shoulders and walked her up onto the stage. She ran and jumped on Justin, he picked her up and span her around before putting her back down.
'What's your name sweetie?' He asked her, crouched down to her level.
'Spencer' She replied with a huge smile which stretched from ear to ear.
Justin walked her over to a huge throne and someone brought out a bouquet of roses and Justin handed them to her and kissed her cheek. I actually felt jealous of my 13 year old sister. 
He began singing to her, and i could tell what it meant to her to be up there with him.

He interacted with the crowd as well as Spencer. As he came closer to the crowd, hundreds of hands reached out for the chance to touch their idol, and Justin tried to grab as many as he could. He was getting closer and closer to me but something inside prevented me from holding out my hand or screaming like a maniac. When he finally reached me i just smiled and before i knew it my hand was in his and he was singing to me, looking into my eyes. Oh those gorgeous brown eyes of his, i was completely mesmerized.

He kissed my hand before returning back to the stage. 

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