You can't help who you fall in love with.
A series of events that test the relationship between Justin and one of his fans.
Will they be able to overcome what stands in their way of happiness?


3. Her

Justin's POV

@justinbieber looking forward to performing for u tonight london! I have a feeling about tonight, something amazing is going to happen.'
I wasn't lying either, i did have a good feeling about that performance. Something inside me just clicked and i couldn't wait to find out if my suspicions were right.

It was 2 hours to show time and they began letting everyone in to take their seats. I'd completely lost track of time as i was wandering around the venue before hearing voices coming through the hallway. I took a back route and hoped that no one would see me, i don't think i could handle getting mobbed right before a performance. Trying to keep my head low i crept around the back, being as quiet as possible, keeping an eye on the fans coming in whilst trying to get backstage. I felt eyes on me, and without thinking i looked up to see who had caught me. It was a girl, about my age, and she was pretty beautiful from what i could make out. I gestured for her to be quiet and she smiled so sweetly at me before returning to make her way deeper inside the venue. 

Finally i got backstage where my crew were waiting for me. We prayed and i made my way behind the stage ready to perform. I found myself picturing the girl who had caught me, and something inside me warmed up.

Before even setting foot on stage i could hear the screaming fans, and when i finally stepped out, the screaming grew louder. Overwhelmed, i performed 'All Around The World.' The crowd was going wild, a sight i always loved to see. If it wasn't for them i wouldn't be the person i am today

After performing a few other songs i pulled the old 'British Accent' out of the bag. Always sent them crazy. I was about to perform 'One Less Lonely Girl' and there was only one girl i wanted to be up there with me. Surprisingly i caught sight of her in the front row with her little sister, she smiled at me with that sweet smile, so i smiled back. As the tradition is to bring up a girl from the crowd when 'One Less Lonely Girl' is performed, i decided to pick her little sister, just to get her attention that little bit more.
Of course i still interacted with the crowd. I went from one side to the other grabbing all the hands reaching out for me, when i came to her. She didn't have her hand held out but she was smiling, so i grabbed her hand over the railing and sung a few lines to her. Her beautiful big blue eyes brightened. I kissed her hand before returning onto the stage to finish the song.

Eventually the concert came to an end and i thanked everyone for coming out that evening before heading back stage to change for the meet and greets.

A sense of hope burned inside. Hoping that maybe i would see her again.


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