You can't help who you fall in love with.
A series of events that test the relationship between Justin and one of his fans.
Will they be able to overcome what stands in their way of happiness?


1. Another normal day


I was woken by my 13 year old sister Spencer jumping on me, screaming. 'Hayley wake up we need to get ready!'

I knew exactly what she was on about. I was taking her to see Justin Bieber in concert that evening. She was so excited, although I didn't quite fathom her excitement. After all, she had seen him live 6 times. None the less, I was rather looking forward to it as well. The other 6 times, my mum had taken her. That changed when her and our dad were killed in a car accident last year. We lived with my aunt until I turned 18, then legally became Spencer's carer. 
We lived in London, UK. So when Justin came to perform, my sister got tickets almost instantly. She was such a huge fan, or a 'Belieber' as she preferred. I won't lie, i'm quite a big fan of him myself. I think he's the most perfect human being on this planet.

I finally gathered the energy to drag myself out of bed and began to make my way downstairs. It was only 7am, so I made Spencer and I pancakes. We sat at the dining table and a smile crept across Spencer's face.
'Why are you smiling, they're only pancakes' I laughed.
'Well, it's our first time going to see Justin together. I know it used to be mum taking me, but i'm glad you are now, we hardly spend anytime together anymore.' The smile eventually left her face, I knew what she was thinking.

She was right, we didn't spend time together. Being 18, i go out a lot, i spend time with friends, i come home at ridiculous hours of the morning. She somewhat understood that, but i could tell it upset her at times.

I held her hand across the table and smiled at her.
'We'll start spending more time together, I promise.'

'Promise?' A hopeful look filled her eyes. 

'I promise. Now eat up, i didn't make these for you to stare at them'

We finished eating and Spencer hurried off upstairs to get ready. Never had i seen a little girl run so fast to get dressed.
Spencer only knew that she was going to see Justin live, but that wasn't the whole story. I'd bought her meet and greets for a change and it was going to be her first one. 
She came back downstairs and I was sitting at the table with an envelope in my hands with her name on it.
'What have you got there?' She frowned at me, unsure of what the envelope contained.
'It's for you Spence, come here'
She walked over, i pulled her onto my lap and handed her the envelope.
She stared at the envelope, a puzzled look onto her face.
'Open it then!' I encouraged her.
She wearily opened the envelope, revealing 2 meet and greet tickets. She stared at them in disbelief for a few seconds before letting out an ear-piercing scream, and suffocating me in a hug.
I could see the happiness in her eyes, and i was just glad that i was able to treat my little sister to something so special - meeting her idol.

I went upstairs and logged onto twitter. Browsing through my timeline i saw Justin tweet about the show tonight.
'@justinbieber - looking forward to performing for u tonight london! i have a feeling about tonight, something amazing is going to happen.'
i favourited and retweeted the tweet. Was Justin planning something special for his performance? or maybe he was referring to the m&g, either way a surge of excitement shot through me.

I logged off, shut down my laptop and began getting ready when my phone buzzed. I took a quick glance and saw a twitter notification saying that someone had followed me. Casually i picked up my phone and went onto my recent followers, only to see that Justin had followed me. Now i won't lie, i'd been tweeting him for ages, trying to get him to follow me, so when it finally happened, and we were meeting him that night just made it an amazing feeling.

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