A summers day

LOTR thing,my OC Gilraena and Legolas <3


1. The confirmation

The sky was blue and the leaves on the trees where green and healthy, being an elf, Gilraena appreciated this but her survival instincts also called out to her it was summer, the perfect time for hunting Boe-ats! She started to clamber down the tall tree and when she landed to the soft grass her mind trailed off…Perhaps she would invite Legolas to come along, she hadn’t seen him in the longest. Her decision was final, she would go to see Legolas, he wasn’t always where she thought, which was never unusual, he had adventures of his own just like herself…She swung from a thick branch onto a mountain ledge,she grabbed onto the stone, hot from the sun she looked across the horizon and wondered where he is...


Surprisingly after a while she found him taking a nap against a tree!His bow and arrow was next to him,so he must already be on his own adventure...Well, she wanted to say hi anyway so she sat next to him and waited for him to wake up...She smiled he looked cute when he was asleep,so innocent.She sighed,wanted to fall asleep herself but she kept herself awake.


After a while, Legolas woke up he slowly opened his eyes,not noticing me he sat up and stretched.Gilraena kept herself not wanting to surprise her elf friend,either that or she was going to deviously surprise him.He eventually came around and looked to his left,nothing,he looked to is right...He got a shock.He jumped slightly before regaining his posture and saying"What the-?" he then realized who it was sitting next to him"Why are you here?"he had calmed down now.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go on a hunting trip?"The girl asked.

"And you where...Watching me sleep?"Legolas questioned.

"N-not like that n-no!"she stammered"It's just that I-I didn't want to wake you a-and"once again she found herself in a socialy awkward situation.

"It's alright"Legolas reassured his friend,he had known Gilraena for a long time and knew she tends to not be very good at socializing, she also tends to get herself into awkward situations like these

"S-so do you want to come?I mean,it looks like your on your own adventure already so..."The green eyed girl trailed off

"Oh that?That was just for self defense,I'd thought I heard something following me so I needed to be on guard"The male elf confirmed"So yes,I'll hunt with you"

Gilraena smiled,it wasn't extremely often she got to spend time with her friend,they had their own thins to do so things like this was something she greatly cherished"Okay,shall we go tomorrow?They Boe-ats often come out at dawn."she            asked.

"Yes,at this time they are asleep and don't come out of their hives"Legolas agreed"we should just stay here till morning."

"Okay then!"Gilraena replied enthusiastically.


After a while of talking about past times and more recent events,the two dozed off into a peaceful sleep...

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