A Miner's Tale

Steve wakes up in a jungle. He doesn't now how he got here, but he needs to survive...


1. Learning the ropes

'Huh?' As the young man opened his eyes he turned to see what looked like a jungle engulfing him. He stood up, looking for any sign of life. The tall trees blocked most of his view, but he looked to the right to see a desert and left to see snow. By this time he has realised he doesn't know where he is and needs to make a shelter for the night. He then saw a sign.

'WELCOME STEVE' The sign said

'Steve? Who's Steve,' The young man muttered to himself.

'YOU ARE TO SURVIVE FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. YOU WILL NEED THIS TO SURVIVE THE NIGHT. ' Above the sign was a small chest. He climbed up the leaves of the surrounding trees and opened the chest to find what looks like a wooden sword, a wooden pickaxe, and some dirt. Time to make a shelter

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