To you

This was written about the same ex as I loved you :') Incase you've notice this guy was my first love, and he really treated me badly but for two long years, I put up with it until it finally came to an end. I'm happy without him and I know no longer to put up with someone as much as a nob as him.


1. To you

He meant the world to me.

But no longer is my head be in the clouds,

Because I can see again and I’m no longer proud.

Did I ever mean anything to you?


We once was so close,

Fights about who loved the other the most.

Promised to keep each other happy,

But now I see.


You used,

You pretended,

But worst of all,

You lied to me.


I gave you my heart,

You took it for yourself.

And then pulled it apart,

But I was so in love with you.


I couldn’t see

What you were putting me through

I so was blind!

Why? Why was I so blind?!


You hated all my friends,

Believed I was a cheat,

Accused, over and over again,

Did you ever trust me?


You never cared.

Now stop playing these games!

Stop reminding me of all that we had once,

I don’t want any remain of love for you any longer.


It’s time for me to move on,

And find a guy worth this fight.

So I wish you a lot of luck with finding love,

Because you’re really going to need it.

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