Falling for them in London

When Ebony and Annie go to London for a best friend summer vacation they didn't expect to run into five gorgeous guys who just happen to be in a famous boyband One Direction. Ebony and Annie are put through paparazzi, love and heart break and could they even be the cause of One Direction to stop being a band. Read to find out :)


1. Date

Ebony's  POV 

Annie flopped down on the king sized bed in our hotel room it was actually a resort right by the beach in London. "I love your job" she sighed happily "I love my job too" I smiled for my job all the employees got a trip for 2 to wherever they wanted for the whole summer so I took my best friend Annie and we came to London. "We have to get room service and everything all the time" Annie squealed yeah also the costs are all covered so we don't have to pay for anything. After we had our room service which was made up of mostly desserts we went down to the beach I was wearing my new bikini Annie had a cool new bikini too. 

When we got down on the beach we rolled out our towels and had a little sunbathing time. Then we saw them down in the water five guys that were hot and I mean really really hot "Ebby look" Annie squealed pointing at them "I know lets go for a dip shall we" I giggled. 

The water was surprisingly really warm and we hopped in right next to where the guys were I splashed Annie  and she splashed me back but instead of splashing me with a little bit of water she sent a wave my way I screamed and all of the guys looked my way my face went red then one of the guys came over and started splashing me too I screamed again as the rest of the guys joined in splashing me "stop stop please" I begged they splashed me one more time and then they stopped 

"Hey sorry about that it just looked fun by the way I'm Louis" 

"yeah sorry I'm Harry" 

"um yeah sorry about that I'm Liam" 

"I'm Zayn and yeah I'm sorry" 

"and I'm Niall and yeah sorry" 

"well I'm not sorry about anything that was payback from that time you ate my lunch in primary school oh yeah guys I'm Annie" 

"well it's alright I was going to get wet anyway I'm Ebony". 

"do you guys want to go out to dinner tonight?" Harry asked 

"of course we would" Annie smiled "great we'll pick you up at 7:00" Louis said 
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