I'll be there for you with the boys.

This uses your name, (y/n) this is my 3rd fan fic, please send me feed back!
Love ya,



I waited on our bed, the boys had gone out to do something leaving me alone with Hatchi, Pez had brought him over to visit and boy is he cute. I decide to go take a shower for a while so I walk into the bathroom to find Niall sitting in the corner rocking, he sees me and stands up immediately,
"Y/n! Sorry but I CAN'T FIND ANY FOOOOOOOD!" He whines,
"Mister Horan, have you looked?!" I say cheekily,
"YESS! THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NOTHINGGG!" He complained, I got a bit worried so I run down the stairs to the pantry and open it. There was nothing there, all the shelves were bare.
"TTOOLLDD YYOOUUUUU!!!!!!" Yells niall from upstairs. I run back up and sits down with him, now feeling hungry. I was so hungry.
"It's an Irish thing." Says niall,
"What is?" I moan.
"To be hungry all the time!" Then it hits me, I was part Irish too,
"Then IM GONNA HAVE TO EAT YOU!" I yell playfully jumping on Niall and tickling him,
"No- hahaha- Please- hahahahahaha- Stoppp!" Laughs Niall. He tackles me to the ground and picks me up bridle style and runs down stairs to the pool, I laugh as he throws me in. I grab his arm pulling him in to.
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