One Direction Christmas mayhem

One Direction are getting ready to go home for Christmas. But the odds are against them, when they are told they'll have to stay behind to create a Christmas song, with more mayhem then the boys have ever seen. Will the boys ever get home before Christmas?


8. The Magic of Christmas

Niall's POV

This was just amazing, our Christmas song was a huge hit. The lyric video that Louis had uploaded only 5 hours ago, had already had 10Million views, that was just insane.

I was scrolling through me mentions reading through what the fans thoughts were. Some were on the lines of, "OMG this is better than the original." others said that their wishes had come true with us releasing a Christmas song. I was pleased with the reaction, but what I was really shocked about was that the number 1 trend was, #1D4ChristmasNo1 I was so startled by that, it really was true that we had the best fans, by a mile.

I quickly got up home page, and started tweeting.

"Wow. I am completely overwhelmed by the messages I have received towards the Christmas song. You guys are awesome, and getting us trending is just the best."

I smiled as I send the Tweet.

"@Louis_Tomlinson promised another surprise, so here it is. enjoy."

"And keep your eyes on @zaynmalik for the final part of 12 Days of 1D."

I send the next tweet along with the link, before turning off the computer, and making my way to the boys who were waiting downstairs. With us completing the task we were set, and not being allowed home until they had aired and been veiwed we had decided to stay at Harry's and wait for everything to Hopefully fall into place.

"You'll never guess what?" I said as I walked into the room.

The boys looked up at me. "What?" Zayn asked.

"The fans, they have only got us trending as the top trend."

"What the saying?" Louis asked.

I sat down as I spoke up. "1D for Christmas number 1."

The boys stared at me wide eyed.

"Check yourself, but I swear to you it's the truth." I smiled as I pulled my phone out, uploaded twitter and handed it them.

They all stared at in disbelief.

"Hey look at that." Harry suddenly shouted.

I got up to look over the boys shoulders. Not 10 minutes after uploading the lyric video, it had already had 15,000 views.

wow this was truly unbelievable.

Suddenly Liam's phone rang, he got up to answer it, speaking very officially.

"Yes certainly, hold on."

He walked back to us. "It's Simon, he wants us on speaker phone."

The boys nodded, as I set the phone on the table.

"OK Simon, they can hear you."

"Thanks Liam. Hi boys, right I know you were going to release your videos on Christmas Eve, but I want you to release the third part of the lyric video, the behind the scenes footage, then premiere both videos tomorrow. I have been thinking it over, and if you don't do it this way, there is probably no chance of going home before Christmas. I can book you a special flight home, as soon as the 24hrs are over after releasing the videos, but I need to know if this is what you want to do?"

We all looked at each other, if it would improve our chances of getting home, then we would do anything.

"That's fine Simon, we will let you know as soon as we have uploaded both of the videos in full." Louis spoke excitedly.

I knew what he was thinking, he wanted to get home for his birthday, understandably. I knew he loved us, but I would have been the same if it had been me.

"OK then, I'll book the flights right now. I give you them, when we met up after the 24 hours are up."

"Thank you Simon, we appreciate everything you do for us." I spoke eagerly.

Once the phone had disconnected, we all started cheering, we couldn't believe that this was happening. We were definitely going to get home now. I just knew it.

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