One Direction Christmas mayhem

One Direction are getting ready to go home for Christmas. But the odds are against them, when they are told they'll have to stay behind to create a Christmas song, with more mayhem then the boys have ever seen. Will the boys ever get home before Christmas?


3. The fun begins

Niall's POV

(The following day)

Yesterday was brilliant, the thought of creating our own Christmas song was so exciting. Last night we tossed ideas of what we could do, and we came up with the perfect idea. We decided that we didn't want to let our fans miss out on what we were doing, so we agreed to video our song and post it on Twitter. It was all Liam's idea. Mr Daddy Direction thought it would be cool it we could do 'The 12 Days of 1D'. Everyone thought that was a great idea. So we walked into the studio, feeling excited about Christmas and our new song. Well, we were excited until we walked in, and was instantly greeted by Paul.

"Hey boys, how are we all doing?"

"Great." We all chorused cheerfully, it still amazed me today, how we were shoved together to make a group, had only known each other for 2 and 1/2 years, and yet we knew each other better than anyone else. We were so tuned together, I swear it was like a sixth sense.

"Well I'm glad, but I'm afraid I have some bad news."

We all looked at each other with questioning looks, before turning our attention back to Paul.

"What's up Paul?" Louis asked.

"Why don't you boys sit down and we can talk?"

We all sat down on the bean bags that were stacked against each other, in the waiting area of our studio. Most of the time when we are told to sit we don't, we're young and a little immature, we have too much energy to sit. But on this occasion, we could tell that it was a serious situation.

"Right now I know you all looking forward to going home, and spending some time with your families, but I'm afraid that might not be possible."

Paul paused and I could see that he was waiting for the backlashes of ""WHY NOT's" from the boys, and he was not disappointed, everyone including me started shouting at once, even through my anger, I could see Paul shaking his head, a small smile creeping up on his lips, he was clearly expecting this.

He allowed us to carry on shouting for a bit, allowing us to release our rage, before holding a hand up, and asking us to calm down.

"Right, I know your upset, your not the only ones, your whole team of people, face not seeing their families over the holidays. But the management has called the shots and unless we work extremely hard over the next few days, then Christmas won't be happening for us.
Now I'm quite opposed to the situation, I'd rather you guys had your break, and then concentrated on your tour, but your management and record label have decided that you boys must release a Christmas song. There leaving the choice of song up to you guys, so it can be a cover, as long as it has your own twist. So I suggest that we get in the studio and start get some ideas down. OK?"

Paul had been so wrapped up in his speech that he had realized that we were all staring at each other smiling like mad man, they wanted us to create a Christmas song, and we had already unintentionally come up with over half a song.

"BOYS! Why are you smiling? Don't you realize the seriousness of the situation?"

"Oh, we realize it alright, and that's why we're smiling. Don't worry you'll see your family, as will we. Boys I think we know what to do." Liam spoke calmly, we all nodded and bounded up to our feet, rushing straight for the studio doors.

"Come on Paul. This is something you don't want to miss." I told him as he stared in shock at us.


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