One Direction Christmas mayhem

One Direction are getting ready to go home for Christmas. But the odds are against them, when they are told they'll have to stay behind to create a Christmas song, with more mayhem then the boys have ever seen. Will the boys ever get home before Christmas?


4. The 12 days of 1D (take 1)

Zayn's POV

So Management and our record label wanted a Christmas song did they? Well that was going to be easy enough. We had already decide to do a Christmas song anyway, and had already wrote over half of a cover of the 12 days of Christmas, but with our own twist. And as we had already decided to upload the video on our twitter page, we had also already come up with a video concept. Now all we had to do was tell Paul. He had already said we could do what we wanted, so I was certain we'd have no trouble running the idea past him.

I was right, I sat slightly amused and trying not to laugh as we eagerly told him our ideas, his face a mask of amazed, amused, and excited. When we finished telling him everything that we had thought of up to now, Paul sat back in his chair.

"Well I think you boys made a very good start, I'm going to call the management, as they asked me to let you know when I had told you the news and how you took it. I'll also tell them your amazing work on the song." He grinned at us.

"Thanks Paul." we all commented.

"We'll keep working on the song." I told him, he nodded before walking out of the room.

As soon as Paul had left, the boys and I began going through our song, and deciding what to write next.

"We got our wish in the end." I grinned as Niall strummed his guitar, looking for inspiration.

"Yeah, and Paul seemed pretty impressed with our progress. I think he thought we were going to blow a gasket or something though."  Louis commented.

"In all fairness we did." Harry muttered.

"Yeah, but that was only because he had to be dramatic and say we won't be going home, and then pause without an explanation." I added.

We all laughed at that. By the time Paul came back we had practically completed our song, we were having a good time think up of lyrics, but the look on Paul's face made us stop.

"What's wrong Paul." Niall asked slightly worried.

"They said they were very happy you had put your own twist on a cover of a classic song, but they won't two songs, a cover, and a brand new Christmas song."

We were all in shock, but Harry was the first to break the silence. "WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"

"I'm sorry guys. But I thing we can do this. You've already written the first song. And it's only 10. If you have a break now, then we hit the studio and record this. I'll make arrangements to do a video shoot for tomorrow and then we can work on the second song the following day." Paul calmly told us trying to be reasonable.

I looked around the table and I could see all the boys were thinking the same as me. 'A video shoot?'

"Paul, we actually wanted to film the video ourselves, let the fans see the real us, we were going to take turns shooting the video. Can you beg management to not arrange a video shoot, please?" Niall asked.

Paul looked around all of us, "Is that what you all want?"

We nodded, "Alright then have a break anyway, and I'll be back in minute."

"Alright then, guess we have to think of some more ideas." Liam said, "Niall, can you play something inspirational please?"

Niall nodded, and played his guitar, while we all ate. Writing notes every so often, when an idea came to mind. We were going to all get home for Christmas. Nobody was going to stop us from seeing our families.

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