One Direction Christmas mayhem

One Direction are getting ready to go home for Christmas. But the odds are against them, when they are told they'll have to stay behind to create a Christmas song, with more mayhem then the boys have ever seen. Will the boys ever get home before Christmas?


12. Going home for Christmas: The trip

A/N: Hi guys I am ULTRA sorry for my lack of commitment, I can't tell you how crazy this year has been. I managed to see One Direction in May on their WWA tour and have tickets for OTRA tour. I hope to have this story finished by the end of the year, but I really need your help plz. Your words encourage me.

 So a little reminder before we start. The boys had a challenge to record not one, but two Christmas songs, in order to be let home for Christmas. It's Christmas eve and they have managed the task, but now they are stranded in London due to the weather, can Paul get the boys home before the clock strikes 12. (I know there is rumours of Paul no longer being a part of the 1D family, but this story was started 2 years ago.


 (Nobody's POV)

All the boys piled in Paul's car, ready for the long drive, Liam climbed in the passage seat, as it was voted that he would be better with navigation and could be in charge of the music to keep everyone awake. Liam rummaged through the music and selected a song.

"Driving home for Christmas? Really Liam." Harry spoke up, with a smirk in his voice.

"Hey, it's funny in the situation we are in and will keep everyone's spirits up."

"Alright guys I've contacted the people at the ferry place and with a bit of begging, they are happy to take Niall across. So we are dropping Liam off first, then Harry, Zayn, Louis and Niall and I will then travel the ferry to our homes. Now this does mean that some of us won't get home till Christmas morning, but we all will get home." Paul told them while driving.

Within a few minutes of setting off Niall, Louis and Zayn were all asleep, and Harry was face-timing his mum, letting her know of the situation as Liam helped Paul navigate his way through the dark.

It was nearly 10, and the other boys were awake when Liam had been dropped off, everyone waved Liam goodbye, before they were on their way to Holmes Chapel. Louis now nominating himself as navigating, a decision that was decreed a poor one by the other lads.

Midnight rolled around and they had dropped Harry and Zayn off and were on their way to Doncaster.

"Happy Christmas mate, sorry you missed the end of your birthday with your family." Niall patted Louis on the back.

"Happy Christmas Ni, and it's OK. I'll get to spend all Christmas with them, and besides I know my mum will make up for it. I had a great birthday anyway. This roadtrip has been fun." Louis commented with a chuckle.

"Happy Christmas Paul." Louis and Niall both commented.

"Happy Christmas to you too. It's been a pleasure working with both, and guess what? We've arrived at the Tomlinson household."

Louis got out, and said goodbye, before it was onto the last leg of the trip to Ireland.

The last leg of the journey was the longest, and Paul had to drive all through the night. Thankfully the snow had eased and half an hour, the phone rang. Paul pulled over and answered.

(Just Paul's side of the conversation)

"Hello....Yes....Yes....Really?....That's great....Yes I'll get Niall and myself over immediately.....OK Thank you....Merry Christmas sir....Goodbye."

"What is going on Paul?"

"That was Mr Cowell, because the snow has eased, flights are back on, so we are going to get home a bit earlier than expected."

"YEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!" Niall cheered.

Niall and Paul made their way to the airport, and climbed aboard, thankfully that in less than an hour they'd be home with their loved ones.

-Time Jump -

It was Christmas and all the boys were finally home, they were happy they had accomplished their goals and were looking forward to another year together.





A/N: OK I know that this chapter seems really small and rushed compared to the others, but I've tried to get this story finished tonight. I hope you enjoy the story. Thanks to all those who stuck behind me.


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