One Direction Christmas mayhem

One Direction are getting ready to go home for Christmas. But the odds are against them, when they are told they'll have to stay behind to create a Christmas song, with more mayhem then the boys have ever seen. Will the boys ever get home before Christmas?


10. Behind the Scenes of The Magic of Christmas

Harry's POV

I can't believe the reaction and support of the fans towards the new music. I mean I knew they were all pretty unbelievable, and got almost everything trending, but this. Well This was just a completely new level of devotion. I was thankful to the fans for everything they had done for us, and we were determined to give them the best music we could to show our thanks and we deserved this.

As the rest of the boys gathered around me, chatting excitedly. I began to type my messages to the fans.

"Hey guys, on behalf of the boys n myself I want 2 say a massive thanks, ur support means the world, it is thanks 2 u that we will be going home 4 xmas."

"We love you, so here is a behind the scenes look and exclusive insight into The Magic of Christmas. I hope you all love it"

"And stay tuned @onedirection for the full video of both The Magic of Christmas, and 12 Days of 1D"

I uploaded the video, and sat back. It was just a waiting game, and this was going to be a long waiting game.

I looked at the rest of the lads, and saw the same look of nervousness. Sighing I shut my laptop down, and got up.

"Come on lads, let's go out for lunch, pass some time so we are not all sitting around waiting." I suggested. The other boys nodded, before we all raced out, happy to be free for a little while.


~Time Jump~

We arrived back at my house a couple of hours later, it was nearly time to post the videos, we had decided to upload them at 8:22pm, as that was the time we were first put together as a group. It was a time that held a special meaning to us all.

As we walked in Niall rushed to the Living Room to set up a fire, it was really cold outside, and I could  feel a few snowflakes start to fall. I hoped the snow stayed, I really wanted a white Christmas. We all sat chatting about our Christmas plans, we were certain to see our family, I knew it. I just knew it. It was amazing to think that a week ago, we were sitting around here wishing we could do a Christmas song, and now we were on the Eve of releasing 2. It was just amazing.

Time passed by quick as we chatted, and soon it was 8:20, we quickly set up the laptop, and began the process in loading them.

"This is it" Liam said, as his finger hovered over the send button.

"Yes it is, although I don't know if I'm going to be able to stand the wait to find out if we did it." Zayn spoke up.

"I know what you mean." Louis laughed patting him on the back.

"OK guys, on 3." I said.

Everyone nodded. "1...2...3....Go!" Niall shouted, jumping up and down.

Liam clicked the button, and then waiting was to commence.

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