Lost In love~1D fan fic

Abi is a girl with many problems and its getting very serious. She has been abused as a child but will it all get better when a certain british/irish boyband get involved.

mainly Harry,Niall and posibly louis fanfiction

this is my first fan fiction, so no hate please.

I am not the best at spelling


1. Small breif, lots of drama


My name is Abi I am a 16yr old girl who lives with her mum. I was abused by my father when I was a child, I watched him try to kill my mum multiple times, but he's gone now hopefully forever. I have Hazel eyes that change colour depending on my mood (creepy I know) , I am a brunette and I'm fairly short. I have been a directioner since the start, personally I've always fancied Harry or Niall but I love them all with a passion! I live with my mum. My bestfriend has been going through alot latley and she has been harming herself. It depresses me because I've known her for 12 years now so we're practically sisters, but it's really starting to get to me. I'm seriously considering harming but I've always been the strong friend and I'm afraid if I start I'll get addicted. 



Abi's P.O.V

I was sitting in my room on my computer on facebook, twitter, tumblr the usual. (stalking one direction on all social media sites possible). When I heard a knock on the door so I ran downstairs looked threw the little 'peep hole' (my mum was at work and I don't live with my dad obviosly). I saw the worst site I had ever seen I saw my best friend in the world Vicky standing outside my door with blood dripping down her arms. I opened the door and gave her the biggest hug you could possibly give any one. I didn't care if she got blood on me! Or if she didn't want a hug it was needed in this moment in time! I asked her why,who,when, and where. She told me she had done this to herself and that she didn't deserve anything! She told me she was at home on twitter when the hate just got to her. After that she had to leave she texted me that night letting me now that she was going to an institue that would help her and that I wouldn't see her again in a year! I let my mum know what had happened and that I was going to sleep, with out my sister from another mister I don't know how im going to survive. I cryed myself to sleep. When my mum came home I was still crying, but she was the best in these situations, she just came into my room lyed down on my bed and hugged me. She reminded me that she had to go to America tomorrow, she wouldn't be coming back in 3 years but she had let all of her friends and the school know.

She said that she would stay if she needed but I knew she needed it for her business, I insisted that she went. Every thing was avagrage for 2 weeks but then something happened.



So everyone how is it so far their will be dialog in the next chapter. As you can probably tell by the way I spell mum im Austrailian c: guys please give me feedback and if anyone wants to apply for liam or zayns girlfriend I will be open to applications. So please tell everyone about the fanfiction and i hope you enjoy~ Abi xx c:






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