Lost In love~1D fan fic

Abi is a girl with many problems and its getting very serious. She has been abused as a child but will it all get better when a certain british/irish boyband get involved.

mainly Harry,Niall and posibly louis fanfiction

this is my first fan fiction, so no hate please.

I am not the best at spelling


2. first good day

Abi's P.O.V

I was out wondering aimlessly at the shops it's this mall like place near my home. I go there when I'm bored, or when I need to think. I've been pretty excited lately because One Direction is in Australia! I may be a directoner but I'm not one of those cycopaths that would do ANYTHING to be with the boys. I soon got bored of wandering around and decided to go and get a Boost Juice! I love boost. I decided to get my favorite drink ever. "One green tea mango mantra, original size please!" "Okay that will be, $6.20 please. Name for the order?" "Abi". I payed the trainee and waited for my drink. When it was ready I got a straw took and took a huge sip. When I turned around I bumped into someone, great Abi, YOU GO GURL! I really have a mental problem. I was snapped out of my thoughts when the person I bumped into cleared his throat. God that sounded sexy, Abi focus! I looked up to see the one and only Niall Horan, I would've fangirled but I didn't want to blow his cover. I'm soo sweet, why doesnt he love me? "Hi, I ermm am sorry." he mumbled,gosh my ovaries. "It's fine. If anyone should be sorry its me. I'm Abi by the way" He gave me a strange look, I was probebly grinning like the cheshire cat. "Niall" he stuck his hand out for me to shake, and I kinda left him hanging cause I was day dreaming. As soon as I realised I shook his hand. "I know" I smiled again. Gosh I'm cherpy today. I heard him say some muffled swear words. "shame on you for swearing." Ohh my god did I really just say that out loud, I looked at his facial expression yep I defaintly did. Way to go Abi. "Ohh sorry about that, sometimes I think out loud." "haha it's okay." Mmm that laugh, dat ass. Umm, back to reality Abi... "so what do you recomend?" "Ahh finnally, I've got this one, you go Abi." fuck I just said that out loud. Mental facepalm. " umm.. sorry about that." he chuclked. I recomend the green tea mango mantra, thats what I have now. You can try some if you like." I held the cup out to him. "thanks" he said before taking a sip. He handed me back the cup. "You're right thats amazing!" I felt my self blush, while I was all gooey and standing there not being able to move. Niall had already bought his drink without me noticing. "Haha, you're so cute, here's my number. Me and the lads are gonna be in australia for a while." He smiled at me before walking away. Wow my day just got interesting. I practically ran home and texted straight away. okay I just need a moment to fangirl, excuse me for a moment wont you. "ERMAHGURD!" "LIFE OFFICIALLY COMPLETE!!" I kept yelling random jibberish while running/dancing/jumping around my room.


Heyy guys sorry it took forvever, but school and everything, I will be updating more often now and I will be updaiting again today so yea, so yea love chu all xx ~Abi


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