The Readings (Sequel to the Murders)

After the Constant horrors around the house, I Find some readings with a spell to be able to stop it.


1. Sorry

Lying in bed, waiting for them to take me, they relish the thought of me wimpering into my pillow, drowning in dispair.I was wondering how things could get any worse, they have taken my joy, happiness, and my parents...

One month earlier...

Pulling off my slippers and crawling into bed, watching the moon killing the moon.

This morning I awoke to the sound of screaming, though I was used to it, sometimes its even me doing the screaming. So I rush out of my bedroom and went to my mothers aid, I saw blood blood from my mothers leg, which was emenating fron a deep scrach in her thiegh. I got her some bandages and asked her what happend, this was not normal those ghosts have never attacked before.

After tending my mothers leg I went to the private Library near the shower room and searched for books about the small mansions history. Around the corner I spot...Isabelle! 

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