The Readings (Sequel to the Murders)

After the Constant horrors around the house, I Find some readings with a spell to be able to stop it.


3. Final

I stayed in my room for days wondering how long till the phantoms damage me worse or even KILL me or my loved on-ARGHHHHHHH!!

Suddenly there was silence, not a sound to be heard but a groaning and faint foot steps, not the usual busy day sounds.The footsteps grew loader as I got more scared. The house creaked with every step, growing ever nearer until many ghostly, wispy shapes enter my room, its like the floor, furniture and walls crooed when the shapes pass them. Lying in my bed, waiting for them to take me, to kill me, crying into my pillow them relishing the thought of me drowning in dispair...going ...going...gone.



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