This story is about a dog called...wait for it...DOG! (All caps.) this is how he thinks and does thigs. sorry if u dont find this funny. i trieded to make it funny. i hope it is. this is based a bit on doug from the film UP. I don't know if you've seen it but it is a very good film. i recomend it.



i like squirrels they are my favourite thing to play with and chase. i have never eaten one. i want to. they look nice to eat. my owner has let me out in the garden. the garden is my favourite place. it smells nice. i like the garden. i have seen a squirrel. i will chase it. nom nom squirrel=tea. the squirrel has ran up a tree. i will bark at it until it comes down for me so i can eat it. i tried to get the squirrel but forgot that DOG can't climb trees.

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