This story is about a dog called...wait for it...DOG! (All caps.) this is how he thinks and does thigs. sorry if u dont find this funny. i trieded to make it funny. i hope it is. this is based a bit on doug from the film UP. I don't know if you've seen it but it is a very good film. i recomend it.



today there was lots and lots of white stuff outside. i was cross because the squirrels were gone. and my food was hard and cold. not good. my owner did not want to take me outside for my walk. i made him by following him around and staring at him. what does bloody dog mean? i think it could be good because he took me on my walk. the white stuff was cold. i did not like it. it stuck to me.

my owner went on abig frozen thing. he had white shoes on with sharp things on the bottom. he tied me up. but i can get out of it. i ran after him. it was slippy. my owner had his cross face on. he shouted at me. i had to wear the cone of shame and he made me stay in my basket. i was angry at him. because i like running.

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