This story is about a dog called...wait for it...DOG! (All caps.) this is how he thinks and does thigs. sorry if u dont find this funny. i trieded to make it funny. i hope it is. this is based a bit on doug from the film UP. I don't know if you've seen it but it is a very good film. i recomend it.



i like food. my favourite type of food is bowl food. my owner gives me it in a bowl. thats why its called bowl food. i also like water. to drink. i drink from anywhere. but my owner tells me off for drinking out of the big white bowl thats high up. sometimes it is yellow. thats when it does not taste nice. when it is blue it does not taste nice either. i can drink outside aswell. when the water has fallen from the sky. the floor has bowls in it. the water falls from the sky into the bowls for me so i can drink from it. i like water that has fallen from the sky. it tastes like garden. garden tastes nice. nom nom nom. yummy bowl food and water that has fallen from the sky. WOOF. i saw a squirrel in the garden. i chased it but i got wet. there was a big bowl with leaves in. DOG fell in it. DOG can not walk on water.

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