The Jealousy Game

Louis and Charlotte were together all summer in Doncaster they were in love. Until Charlotte had to move away leaving Louis behind. But 4 years later when Charlotte goes back to Doncaster and Louis has moved on will they get back together or will Charlotte be left alone in the fight to make each other jealous. 


7. Surprise

Harry's POV 

Char was pacing my room "babe what's up" I asked giving her a hug 

"she just seems to happy I mean she's only like 21 what if she's faking it" 

"maybe she just wants kids" 

"maybe she just wants me to be jealous" 

"are you jealous?" 

"no Harry I'm with you now". 

Charlotte slept at my place that night and at about 2:45 in the morning she woke up and shook me awake "Harry you have to get me pregnant" she practically yelled at me "like right now coz I'm kinda tired" I yawned "no it doesn't have to be right now" Char laughed "can we discuss this in the morning" I asked Charlotte nodded and kissed me on the lips and we went back to sleep. 
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