The Jealousy Game

Louis and Charlotte were together all summer in Doncaster they were in love. Until Charlotte had to move away leaving Louis behind. But 4 years later when Charlotte goes back to Doncaster and Louis has moved on will they get back together or will Charlotte be left alone in the fight to make each other jealous. 


4. Surprise Guest

Charlottes POV 

Harry had invited me to go clubbing with him so I changed into my black sparkly dress and drove over to Harry's place. Boy was I in for a shock Louis car was out the front I rang the door bell and Louis answered it. He was as about as confused as I was "hey I'm Char what are you doing here?" he asked "Harry invited me to go clubbing" I replied. We both looked at each other "HARRY!!" we shouted together he waltzed into the room and turned straight back around when he saw us. I ran and grabbed him "why didn't you tell me Louis was coming" I asked "uh I thought it would be an good surprise" Harry smiled "well it is a great surprise but I'm just reminding you I have a girlfriend" Louis called from the corner where he was standing. I couldn't bare him having a girlfriend it broke my heart but I played it cool. 

We caught a cab to the club we went inside and Louis went and got some drinks. "I think somebody is jealous" Harry whispered in my ear "no I'm not I'm happy for him" I blushed

 "Char I saw your face when he said he had a girlfriend you looked like you were going to cry" 

"I was not Harry ok maybe a little but I can get over it" 

"come dance with me" Harry smiled I grabbed his hand. The song that was playing was Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars it was an old song but I loved it Harry put his arms around my waist I put my arms around his neck we stayed like that until the end of the song as we broke apart Louis walked over he obviously didn't see Harry and I dancing which was kind of a good thing. 
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