The Jealousy Game

Louis and Charlotte were together all summer in Doncaster they were in love. Until Charlotte had to move away leaving Louis behind. But 4 years later when Charlotte goes back to Doncaster and Louis has moved on will they get back together or will Charlotte be left alone in the fight to make each other jealous. 


5. Secret Date

Eleanor's POV 

I woke up and it was Saturday and I looked over to Louis side of the bed and he wasn't there then I remembered last night I had kind of been a bit of a brat last night to him so he was probably sleeping on the couch but he wasn't there. I went into the kitchen and I found a note. He'd gone to Harry's because Harry was lonely aww thats cute. I made myself some cereal and got changed. I drove over to Harry's and knocked on the door  the door swung open there was a girl behind the door it was the same girl from the restaurant last night. "Louis its your girlfriend Eleanor" she yelled out Louis came running "hey babe" Louis smiled kissing my lips I gave him a hug "I'm going to see Harry" Charlotte smiled skipping off. "he's in the shower" Louis yelled after her. 

Charlottes POV 

I went into Harry's bedroom and into his bathroom not thinking he was in there but I was so wrong he was taking a shower. I screamed and froze i didn't move I just closed my eyes I finally relaxed just a bit "oh my gosh Harry I'm so sorry" I cried still with my eyes closed "it's ok Char you can open your eyes" Harry chuckled I opened one eye and the the other Harry had put a towel around hot waist so I could still see his torso it was sort of weird but he was so hot at the same time. Harry's eyes met mine and I kind of lost control and pressed my lips against his and the funny thing was he kissed me back and I really enjoyed it. I broke away from Harry "don't stop" he breathed I obeyed him and kissed him again this time for longer it felt so good because I felt like I was getting revenge on Louis and I wasn't jealous anymore it was almost if as though I had moved on from Louis. "Do you want to go out later?" Harry asked after he had put some clothes on "yeah um my lunch breaks at 1:30" I smiled "wait you aren't here on holiday" Harry said confused 

"no I'm here on a business trip basically I pick outfits from the new British summer collection" 


"I'm the editor of Runway in America" I giggled 

"1:30 sounds good I'll pick you up" Harry said "oh yeah here's the address" I smiled writing down the address.

I arrived at the place where the fashion parade thing was I knew I was late but my boss wasn't there yet so I obviously wasn't fired. "Miss Drew" a woman with blonde hair and wearing a suit asked me "yes" I replied "please come with me I want you to check over the collection" she said. I went with the lady who's turned out to be Melissa. She showed me the collections and then I had to go sit down and watch the show. There was some interesting stuff in the show but after 3 hours of it I was kind of over it. But the best bit was I didn't have to come back after my lunch break so I could chill with Harry for the rest of the day. Harry picked me up right on time we went to a cute little cafe near the hotel I was staying at then went to the movies and it was a really boring movie so Harry and I just ended up kissing up in the back corner which is exactly what I used to do with Louis. 

Louis POV

El and I were at Starbucks having coffee when Harry and Char walked in Harry saw us and waved they walked over to us. "hey guys what are you doing here?" I asked "we just went to the movies and we thought we'd come get some coffee" Harry smiled "oh are you two together now" Eleanor asked hopefully "no not at all we are just hanging out" Charlotte replied.
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