The Jealousy Game

Louis and Charlotte were together all summer in Doncaster they were in love. Until Charlotte had to move away leaving Louis behind. But 4 years later when Charlotte goes back to Doncaster and Louis has moved on will they get back together or will Charlotte be left alone in the fight to make each other jealous. 


1. Just A Dream

Charlottes POV 

The train rattled along the tracks I was 2 hours away from Doncaster. I was going back there for a business trip but. Doncaster brought back so many memories of a summer 4 years ago it almost felt like a dream. 

Louis's POV

I kissed Eleanor on the lips "bye honey" she smiled "cya" I waved. I got in my car and drove down to the recording studio where the boys and I were recording a new single. I thought back to 4 years ago to when the boys and I were formed. That shot back memories of a girl I used to know I used to love but that felt so long ago it almost felt like a dream. 
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