The Jealousy Game

Louis and Charlotte were together all summer in Doncaster they were in love. Until Charlotte had to move away leaving Louis behind. But 4 years later when Charlotte goes back to Doncaster and Louis has moved on will they get back together or will Charlotte be left alone in the fight to make each other jealous. 


2. If We Ever Meet Again

Charlottes POV 

I had just woken up we had arrived in Doncaster. I caught a taxi to my hotel and I threw my suitcases on the bed I hopped in the shower and started to get ready for the big dinner meeting thing tonight. I was wearing a dark blue dress with black heels and I had curled my hair. 

I arrived at the restaurant and my boss was already there I sat down next to her "Good evening Charlotte" she smiled "same to you mrs Princeton" I said "oh please Charlotte we're in England call me Violet" my boss giggled. Heaps of people started filing in at around 6:30pm our little gathering started at 7:00pm. 

Eleanor's POV 

Louis was taking me out to a fancy restaurant tonight I was super excited about he sounded like he had something important to tell or ask me  maybe he was going to propose then we would get married and have a family of our own. I was wearing something a bit more classy tonight a pale blue sequined dress and blue velvet heels I also curled my hair just for the occasion. 

Charlottes POV 

I was looking around for my main meal when I saw a couple sitting by the window the guy looked familiar then it clicked it was Louis from that summer 4 years ago. "Charlotte are you alright?" Violet asked me "oh yes I'm just going to duck to the loo" I replied getting up and rushing towards Louis table. But I couldn't just go over there that was probably his girlfriend and I didn't want to just go over there and expect to pick up with Louis where mew left off. But luckily the girl got up and headed towards the bathroom I made my move. I accidentally crashed  into his table "oh my gosh I'm so sorry" I gasped "no no its alright no harm done" Louis smiled. His eyes met mine "Charlotte" he said "Louis" I smiled "wow it's been ages" Louis said giving me a hug. We started talking about our lives and stuff like that. Until I heard someone clear their throat behind me I turned around it was the girl Louis was sitting with "yeah Char this is my girlfriend Eleanor" Louis explained "lovely to meet you" she said forcing on a smile "you too" I said "oh anyway Lou maybe we could grab a coffee sometime" I added before giving him a hug and going over to my table. 
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