Wicked-ness is only emerald skin deep.

Wicked fan fic. Rated K. My advice is to look it up on Wicked-Wiki.. I'll add a link. XD

After Elphaba's escape. (:


2. An Old Friend

Finally making up her mind, Elphaba flew to Quadling Country, hoping for acceptance. Yes, even though they were a lower class, she still had her doubts. She was worried they wouldn’t let her in. Perhaps they heard the news, not accepting her because everyone says how “wicked” she is. Maybe, like all the others, because of her deep green skin? She began to think of concern after concern, problem after problem, and she had worry after worry. Her nervous hands all of a sudden swooped down into a nearby forest. She hid in between a small boulder and a thick tree. She leaned her broom against another tree, sat down, and began to sob.
    “Glinda...” She whispered through sobs. She thought she heard a tinkling noise, so she looked up, half blinded by her tears. She saw a bubble emerging out of the scenery, and she heard a young woman’s voice very faintly. “No, you foolish, brainless witch! You’ll have me seen!” She softly hissed, and started crying again.
    “But Elphie,” The youthful voice responded, Elphaba now certain it was Glinda. “I’ll be more quiet- I promise!” Elphaba stopped, dried her eyes, and looked up. Glinda was now a mere feet from her. She stood up, and waited for her to be released from her bubble. “And I’ll be quiet for my own sake, too.” She started, now standing next to Elphaba. “I don’t want to be shunned for talking to the hideous avocado!” Elphaba was now fuming, arms crossed, and looked hurt.
    “After all I’ve been through, and seeing the state I’m in now, you call me a-” She was interrupted by Glinda’s laugh, which made her even more upset. Seeing this, Glinda softened, realizing she hurt her feelings.
    “Aw, Elphie! I was only joking! I’m so sorry.” She said sincerely, then looked up at Elphie who now looked puzzled, but less upset. “I thought you knew how much I looked up to you. How pretty and wonderful I think you are.” She gushed. Elphaba smiled a little, but the smile didn’t last for long, realizing she was trying to be mad.
    “Well, you didn’t have to be so harsh--” Elphaba stopped, and the smile came back. She looked at Glinda, who now had a worried, sentimental look on her face. Her voice now softened. “Thanks, Glin.” She said humbly, looking at the ground.  Glinda’s face suddenly brightened up to her usual perky self. She giggled, then attacked Elphaba in a hug. Elphaba looked up and laughed, then hugged her former roommate back. After, Glinda stepped back and tossed her hair. She paused attentively, as if waiting for Elphaba to explain to her something.
    “What?” Elphaba looked around self-consciously, thinking Glinda was judging her or something. Glinda realized how confused Elphaba was, and began to explain herself.
    “You called me?”
    “Oh. Well.. I uh.. Didn’t really.. mean to call you.” Elphaba started, looking abashed. “I just.. thought of you, I guess, and it came out of my mouth.” She sighed, and almost could watch Glinda’s brain churning inside her head. “I just didn’t know where to go.” She murmured. It took her a second, but Glinda responded.
    “So you thought of me?” She squealed, feeling appreciated, and being Glinda.
    “Yes.. well no, but.. I guess. Subconsciously. I just felt.. I’m not sure. Scared? Alone? Yes.. and homesick. I didn’t know how to start this journey alone. I’ve never been this ambitious before.” She paused. “Well, perhaps the Wizard journey, but even then I had someone with me. You.” She sighed. Glinda nodded.
    “That’s sweet, Elphie.” She said softly and delicately, smiling. She looked thoughtful for a moment, then answered.
    “Well, you know.. You could be like that Dorothy child. She was an adolecent, and look at her! Traveled alone-”
    “Do NOT mention that wretched little farm girl to me!”
Elphaba hissed again, looking at her company harshly. Glinda sighed.

     "Elphie, you mustn't fret over something so..."


     "Silly. I was going to say silly." Elphaba just smirked and rolled her eyes. The good witch stood up taller, and touched her wand to Elphaba's shoulder. "My dear Elphie," she began, "I will protect you, and no harm shall be done to you, so long as you have my blessing." She touched her wand to Elphaba's other shoulder, then placed it by her own side. Elphaba smiled, then, with a little contemplating, pulled Glinda into a meaningful hug.

     "Thank you, Glin." She whispered. Suddenly, the woman started to disappear in her arms. Elphaba hugged the existent material as it dissolved into thin air. A small tinkling sound was present, and Glinda was gone for good.

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