Wicked-ness is only emerald skin deep.

Wicked fan fic. Rated K. My advice is to look it up on Wicked-Wiki.. I'll add a link. XD

After Elphaba's escape. (:


1. The Plan

She gracefully flew across the barley lighten dusk sky. Elphaba was trying to find somewhere to escape to, after parting ways with her forever friend. She was trembling a little, fearful, unsure of where to go or what to do. Most Ozians shun her; she’ll have to find some kind of rebellion, open to misfits like herself. Quadling Country, perhaps? They’ll probably accept her, considering they’re already considered inferior. It may have to work. She can’t go back to Munchkinland, considering her family partially rules it; the most powerful share. Her father and sister are ashamed, why wouldn’t the rest of her family be? She can’t travel back to Vinkus. She doesn’t really know anyone there, even though it is her hometown. They probably won’t accept her anyway. She most definitely can't travel back to Upland, near Gillikin. That’s where Glinda is, and that’s who she needs to keep safe. So, Quadling Country will have to do.

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