Conner wasn't a normal boy. in fact he wasn't even a boy or a man. he doesn't know what he is. he's never seen his true figure. he has no age, he has no face. through out his story, you will follow Conner as he tries to figure out what he really is and finds out that his super power wasn't an acident. he wasn't some government expirement gone wrong. he figures out what his past is and what his really is.


1. let me introduce myself.

some call me a monster. some call me magical being. some call me the devil. well lets get one thing straight. I'm non of that bullshit. My name is Conner and I'm as some would say, a "shapeshifter." I like the name. It fits me plus it kind of makes it easier to explain what I am. I have a special ability that no one else has. As the name intended, i can change my body, my face, my skin, to look like someone else's body. And no I can't change into a lion or an ant or something stupid like that. I was raised with no mother or father. I wasn't even a baby for that matter. i have no family at least from what i know of so i cant really ask who were my parent's. I think i must have been born then all of a sudden change on to an adult with preinstalled knowledge about the world that I live in or something like that. I dont remember growing up at all. come to think of it, i don't even know how old i am. well now that you know somewhat of what i am, lets fast forward to today. i live in new York city. stealing food and credit cards from stupid stuck up idiots who walk around with is sticking out of their pockets or bags and shit. Since i can change my look in the matter of seconds, i never get caught. i simply just turn the nearest ally, shift, then come out the other side and watch the cops or fools willing to try and catch me run past by while I go back to Robert. He's a friend of mine. He knows alot about computers and hacking. we pretty much live together. but don't really do much. we don't treat each other  like brothers. fact i know that he would trade me into the police if it meant he could if it meant him swaying out of jail. that bastard. anyways the reason we are together is because we have a smart system to get money.I get the credit cards and the code readers or what ever they are and then he hacks the code and then i shift myself to look somewhat of the person that i stole it from, go into the bank and withdraw the money.  we use it to pay for the hotel rooms we stay in. we don't really spend the money on high-end things like houses or car or crap like that. we agreed to keep a low profile. in case anything happens and we have to disappear quickly. thankfully we haven't had the problem so far. robert says that i need to slow down with bringing in the credit cards because the money is starting to really pile up in our one bank account that we deposit all the money in. so far we have 501,651 dollars saved up. so thats our system now. clever ain't it?  now that I have stopped stealing cards from idiots, i have alot of free time on my hands. i thought i would use it to figure out who i really am and my history. I cant be the only one of my kind in this planet, right?

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