Conner wasn't a normal boy. in fact he wasn't even a boy or a man. he doesn't know what he is. he's never seen his true figure. he has no age, he has no face. through out his story, you will follow Conner as he tries to figure out what he really is and finds out that his super power wasn't an acident. he wasn't some government expirement gone wrong. he figures out what his past is and what his really is.


2. just maybe

IT'S difficult to try and find history on people like me when on one believes you exist. i tried looking it up on the internet but the only thing i can find is comic books and cartoon porn. so much for humanity right? robert told me i should go to some museum about native americans who spoke about creatures similar to what i am. he sowed me the article on what he was talking about. it says that these people called the nectroacolo tribe. they believed that their god was what they called senuco, the man with many faces was what it meant. there was pictures of ancient carvings of this man sitting on an enormous throne with a crown of different colored stones under the crown you can see four faces. each one different from the other. around him were people on their knees bowing down to the man on the throne. the other pictures showed similar carvings. this one was of a very strong, tall looking man defending people from wild animals such as lions and snakes. that man had the same crown as the man on the throne. this got me thinking. was i from an ancient species? was i the god of the nectroacolo tribe? i wanted to figure out more but that was all robert found. that night i couldn't sleep. the thought that there might be an explanation for what i really am drove me insane.  i started to think about the pictures of the man with four faces. how he was defending the people from killer animals. was that my father? probably not but possible explanations started flowing in my mind. 

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