Dream Away With Me

-"Its time that you make your own way in the world Audrey Henderson." my mom expresses to me on FaceTime. I sigh and agree with her.

Audrey Henderson and her friend Lily Arthur moves to London to achieve their dreams. Audrey meets up with an old friend; Zayn Malik. When reality hits you, it hits hard.


5. Jump in the deep end

harry's pov; 
   What's Zayn doing here? I mean I know they are really good friends and all but why is he here? He hugs Audrey and sees me in the doorway just staring at them. Zayn lets go and lets out a fake cough. Audrey turns around and see me just staring awkwardly. "Hey mate!" Zayn says waving at me from outside. Audrey leads him inside, "Whats up Zayn!" I say patting him on the back. "Oh, I was in town and decided to drop by your place Harry. Then you didn't answer so I thought I would check up on Aud. How about you Harry?" He says motioning his hand towards me. "Oh I was just hanging out with Audrey." I tell him. After that, it was silent for a long period of time.

audrey's pov; 
   Why were they acting so awkward? "Hey guys, i'll talk to you later." Harry says out of nowhere. I lead him out while Zayn waits inside. "Thanks Harry for helping me today." I say walking with him until we reached his door, which wasn't long. "No problem." He says. He unlocks his door and pushes it open. "Harry!" I call out. He looks back, I walk up to him and give a quick and tight hug. "Goodnight Aud." He whispers then he walks back in and I walk back to my place.
   "Lily isn't home?" Zayn comes up to me. "Nope. She is supposedly looking for a job." I say with finger quotes. He laughs and walks towards the the cookies Harry and I made. He looks at them and spots the one I had made for Harry. "Did you make this?" He asks pointing at it. I nod, "Wow, you're really good." he laughs. "You want one?" I say gesturing a random one towards him. He takes it and eats it, "So you and Harry made all of this?" "Yea actually, it was supposed to be a surprise for Lily. But there are still some.". His phone rings once again, "Hey, Perrie is calling. I'll talk to you later." he says hugging me. He exits the apartment, and I run into my room to video-chat with my mom. 

zayn's pov;
   As I was walking to the parking lot while spinning the car keys around my finger I see two figures talking. I moved closer, and the figures were Niall and Lily talking on the side of Niall's car. "Thanks again!" I hear Lily cheering and hugging him. "What are they doing?" I mumbled to myself. I shrug and unlock my car, I slip right in. I look up at my rear view mirror and see something jaw dropping.

niall's pov;
   "Thanks for the ride back home Niall." Lily says while I open her door. "So, remember. Monday you start at 4!" I say mocking Cameron with his face. She laughs with a big smile. Her laugh and smile was all beautiful, Lily was perfect. "Perfect doesn't exist". Not in this situation. Lily had long brown hair, bright blue eyes, and a  
fascinating personality. She was stunning in each second I had spent with her today. 
   "Thanks again!" she says hugging me. She was about to let go, but I still held onto her. I rested my head onto hers, and I stared at her from there. Her eyes were irresistible, her lips were breath taking. I moved closer and so did she. She put her arms around my neck, and from there our lips met. 
   She pulled away not very long, "Goodbye Niall." she says walking quickly away again. "Goodnight!" I call out waving, she turns around and I see her blush. She walks faster until I couldn't see her. I smile and go into my car. 

zayn's pov;
   What the heck was that?

lily's pov;
   I ran straight into the building. Blushing like an idiot uncontrollably. I pushed the elevator button, soon the door opened I ran in. I pushed the floor number still smiling like an idiot. 

audrey's pov; 
   "Hey Aud!" My mom greets me waving in the screen. "Hey mom!" I say smiling. "What did you do today?" she asked me. "Oh, I was baking with a friend!" I respond. "Lily?". "No, she was out the whole day today. My neighbor Harry." I say scratching my head. "Does he go to your school?". "No actually. He is in the boy band with Zayn."  "Oh right! One Direction!" My mom says while pretending to do a fail act of a fangirl. I laugh at my mom, I miss her so much. "So how's Zayn? Does he still have that really tall hair?" She says motioning her hands upward. "Yes matter of fact, he still has that hair." I say laughing. "Zayn is doing really well actually!" I say. "Is he single?" my mom says moving her eyebrows up and down while moving close to the camera. "No. He is with another musician, Perrie Edwards. She is really nice!" I tell her. My mom and I had a long conversation about whats happening in both our lives, it was really nice. 
   "Bye mom!" I say waving. I close my laptop and put it onto my desk. I hear the door open and I run outside. "AUDREY!" Lily screams hugging me. "Did you find one?" I ask anxiously. "Yup! At a record shop too." she says walking to the couch. I follow her and sit right next to her. I look at her and she was just smiling like a fool. "Why are you blushing? Did something happen on the way back?" I ask. "I kissed Niall.." She says quiet that probably no one could hear her. She wasn't making any contact with me, she was looking down the whole time. "Come again?" I say leaning my ear. "I kissed Niall." she says a bit louder. "Ok, what?" I say getting a bit mad. "I kissed Niall!" Lily says screaming off the couch and standing in front of me. "What?" I say standing. "I- I didn't know you guys had a thing?" I say shocked. "Me neither!" Lily says laughing with her hands on her hips. "So. Are you guys are something or-?" She walked away. I followed her, "I don't know. Maybe that kiss was just a 'Caught up in the moment' kiss?" she says pushing her hair back with her hand walking into the kitchen. "Thanks for the cookies!" she says eating one, man that girl could eat. 
   "God Audrey! Did you know he helped me get that job?" she says with crumbs falling out of her mouth. "No, I did not know.." I say walking next to her wiping the crumbs off the counter onto my hands and throwing it in the trash. 

lily's pov;
   I finish the cookie and wipe my mouth with my hand. "Just tell me everything tomorrow morning." Audrey says hugging me goodnight, leaving me alone in the kitchen. I drop my head onto the kitchen counter. 
{ Monday morning }
   I fell asleep on the couch in the living room, now my neck is aching. I sit up straight and yawn opening my mouth and arms. The apartment was dark with the gloomy winter sky, a window was open and it let the chilly wind in. I rub my neck and go in Audrey's room, I fall in bed next to her. "Lily?" She turns to face me with a sleepy expression on her face. "What?" I mumble in the pillow, "We are going to be late." she whispers while fluttering her eyes. "I don't care.". She sits up and jumps off the bed to make breakfast. I hear clanging of the pans and the fridge being open and closed. I pull the covers over me. 

niall's pov;
   My cell phone rang from a text, I extend my arm from my bed to reach for it. It was a text from my cousin, "hey niall! i was wondering if you can coach me in football!(:" I laugh and text back saying I would. "Thanks! Tryouts in Janauary!(:" he responded. I put my phone down and run downstairs to eat something. 

zayn's pov; 
   "Morning babe!" Perrie says coming up to me. "Morning!" I say kissing her on the cheek and sitting down for breakfast. She puts the food in front of me and I thank her and dig in. "Any plans? Its almost Christmas Zayn." she asks me while putting a slice of a pancake into her mouth. "Oh, don't worry i'll get that Christmas tree very soon!" I say grinning. "Do you want to help me pick one?" I ask. 
   She stands up and puts her dish in the sink, "Sorry babe, I have to do some business with the girls. How about asking one of the boys?". "Ok, i'll call Liam!" I say with a mouth full of cereal. "Thanks!" she says going up the stairs and into her room. 

liam's pov;
   "So, you're are telling me that you saw Niall and Lily kiss Saturday night?" I say to Zayn while we are looking at Christmas trees. I grab a tree and spin it around, "This one?". Zayn shrugs his shoulders and move on, "I saw it with my own eyes!" he says widening his eyes. "And Niall doesn't know that you saw, correct?" I ask. "Yup, and I don't know if they want us to know or.." he trails on. "Why were they together?" I say following him. "That is one thing I do not know." he says grabbing another tree. "Hey, that's a good one!" I say pointing at the tree he is holding. 
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