Dream Away With Me

-"Its time that you make your own way in the world Audrey Henderson." my mom expresses to me on FaceTime. I sigh and agree with her.

Audrey Henderson and her friend Lily Arthur moves to London to achieve their dreams. Audrey meets up with an old friend; Zayn Malik. When reality hits you, it hits hard.


2. I don't have the answers

audrey's pov;    

We go into the elevator of our building, I press the button with our floor number. It soon lights up and the elevator moves. "I honestly hate all my teachers." Lily blabs aloud, "Well, you must like at least one of them. What about your music teacher?" I deliver her with curiosity. She stays quiet and I laugh and nudge her with my elbow, "Well that doesn't count!" she argues with me. Soon the doors open, Lily and I walk  out shouting at each other, "How does that not count- she teaches you piano! And a teacher teaches!"  "Well she ain't a good one!" she fights back with some attitude. When we were walking toward our place, we see Zayn waiting outside with his back leaned on the wall near the door. He sees us and starts to walk to us, "Hey Lily and Audrey!" he waves with a big smile. Lily waves at him, and Zayn walks towards me and gives me a big hug. Lily goes behind Zayn making a face before opening the door with the key to let us in. I give her a glare and I lead Zayn inside, "So, Zayn what are you doing here?" Lily asks. "Well, Audrey's mom called me and said to wait near your place to see if you get home safely from your first day." he said so sweetly that I  smiled at him. "How was school?" Zayn says breaking the silence. "It was actually better than I expected. I was honestly scared to start college!" I say while giggling. "How about you Lily?" He asks Lily, she just shrugs and walks to the fridge to get some yogurt.    

 Zayn's phone vibrated in his hand while we were talking about school, he looks down at the text, "Hey, I have to go now! I'll talk to you guys later." he says, I say goodbye to him and lead him out. After he leaves, "Well that was awkward.." Lily mumbles. "Well, if you talked or try to get to know him then it wouldn't be awkward, now would it?" I say to her raising an eyebrow. "I didn't mean the talking, i mean't the hugging. Hey, weren't you supposed to start on your 'HIT' novel tonight?" she questions me, "Oh god yea! If you get hungry, then-" I realized that we haven't gone shopping for food, well we did but Lily and Niall finished it all. "-go to Harry's he probably has some leftovers." I say running into my room and opening my laptop. My phone rings, it was from an unknown caller, "Hello?" I say. "Hey Audrey!" A man says. "Zayn? How'd you get my number?" I ask. "Your mom gave it to me for emergencies and some what." I laugh through the phone. "What are you doing? " I question him, "Sitting on my couch watching television, you?" "Oh, I am just writing.." I say a little embarrassed. "Thats cool! Promise me that I will get to read it when your done, ok? Hey i'll talk to you later, my mom is calling me."   "Promise! Ok bye. See you later." I say trying to type and talk to my phone at the same time. He then hangs up and so do I.  

harry's pov;     

"Knock knock!" I walk towards my front door and I look inside the peep hole and see a big blue eye staring back at me. I laugh and open the door, then Lily pops in my apartment, "Hey neighbor! I was wondering if you can drive me to get some food?" she says. "Mhm, fine I guess so.. Wait why can't you get a taxi Lily?" i ask her. "Well, I'm not good at getting one." she then shows me holding up her hand saying, "TAXI! TAXI!" We both laugh at her, I soon grab my coat and we walk out of the apartment. While in the elevator Lily grabs out her phone to call Audrey, "Hi! Hows your novel going.. Nah don't do that, I read too many books like that... No, I am with Harry... We are just getting some food.. Ok bye Aud!" she hangs up while chuckling and putting it in her purse. "I didn't know Audrey was into writing books." I say to Lily while looking down at my feet, "She loves reading and writing. She is actually trying to write a book, we moved here in London so Audrey can get some inspiration." she says with a big smile. We walk out of the building and into my car.  

  "Do you know if Audrey is seeing anyone?" I ask her as I open her door. I asked Zayn this question before and he said no, but I just wanted to double check with her best friend instead of a friend you haven't seen in like 5 years. A lot can change in just one year. She says thank you and sits in the passenger seat. While walking around the car to my seat, I can see her thinking and she finally answers me, "Mhm, Nope! Audrey is single!" she says, "Wait why.." Lily begins with a devious smile. "Oh, Nothing.." I said while slamming my door and turning the engine on. "Yea whatever Styles." she says laughing. It was a very awkward chat on our way to McDonalds, "Hey, look if you want to hang out with Audrey, you could tell me..  I could find something out." she says winking. I shake my head and continue to drive, "I don't know. Is it too soon, I mean we only met a day ago. I don't want to scare her or anything. Is it cool if we go in the drive through, I don't want all those fangirl attention." I ask Lily. She nods  and I rolled down my window to order. We ordered a lot of food, since I was there I decided to get some snacks for myself. Soon my car was filled with the scent of grease and french fries.   

  We get out of my car with two McDonalds bag each in one hand. I could see paparazzi in the lobby of our building. "Oh god." I remarked. "Wait, whats going on Harr-" she was cut off, I put my coat over her face so they wouldn't get a picture of who she was. "What the hell? I can't see!" she complained, "Shhh! Just stay behind me." I grab her hand, I put the bags in front of my face, and we both ran in our apartment building. A young couple was just getting out of the elevator, so I hurried in there still grabbing a hold of Lily's hand. I know the paparazzi still took pictures, but they didn't catch Lily's face. When the doors were fully closed, Lily took off my coat, "Your coat stinks!" she announces making a face. I laugh and put it on. 

audrey's pov;   

 I was on fire! I kept writing and writing, I felt like my story was actually going somewhere. My train of thought is actually on a railroad now! My fingers kept hitting the keyboard like I was mean't to write. I was typing away until I hear a clicking noise in the front door. I stopped and went out of my room, I see Lily holding two full bags of McDonalds. "Hey babe!" she then was running in my room and opening my laptop, she jumped onto my bed to look at my story. I ran after her and shut the screen onto her fingers, "Hey! Rude!" she whines. "Just because you're my best friend doesn't mean you get to have a special preview of my book. You'll have to wait like everybody else." I say with pride. We both head towards the kitchen and eat our food.  Lily tells me about the paparazzi outside and what Harry did to her face, I couldn't help but laugh! But her face seemed like she is keeping a secret from me, as if Harry had said something to her that I couldn't know. "Anything else?" I ask curiously. She quickly shakes her head and plays with her thumbs. "Well, we better go to sleep!" she says getting up from the table and shutting her door. What was that all about. I threw away her empty cup, box, and bags and headed in my room.   

 When I walk in room, my phone vibrates on my bed, I jump on my bed and read the text. It was from another unknown number; it says, "Hey look out your window -Harry"  I text him back saying, "How did you get my number?"  I text him while following the instructions, I pull the curtain aside from the window. The streets of London was lit up, the stars was shimmering in the dark blue sky, and there were people putting up Christmas decorations outside of their shoppes and boutiques. It was simply magnificent. He quickly replied, "Zayn gave it to me!(:" Why doesn't anybody tell me anything, I think to myself. "G-nite Harry! i'll text you tomorrow! Oh and the view out of the window is beautiful! Thanks for showing me!(:" I responded to him. "Welcome(: Oh ok, sweet dreams!" he texts back. I look at my alarm clock, it was only 8:34 pm so I decided to web-chat with my mom in Bristol. I lift up my laptop's screen and double-clicked on the Skype icon. "Hey honey!" my mom calls out through the screen. "Hey mom!" I wave at the camera. "How's London? Did you make any friends at the University? Did you see Prince William?" my moms asks anxiously. I laugh, "No! My apartment is far from where he is. London is pretty chilly and I made a few acquaintances."   "Any cute boys?" she says winking. I think for a while and look out the view of my big window, "Just one" I whisper under my breath. "Huh?" my mom said confused, "Oh, nothing! How's Peter?" I ask my mom about my step-dad. "You know watching some sports on television." she laughs. Peter and my mom is really happy together, I just miss my dad, I know that he is still out there. Somewhere. He left us because he got another woman pregnant, I guess he decided that my mom wasn't worth it so he had some fun in America. I'm not mad or anything, well I mean its wrong but, you have to move on and do something more productive than just sit on the couch and cry to yourself. It would be nice just to see where my dad is now, or who the woman was, and why he did it. "Mom, do you know where Dad might have gone.. After he left us?" I ask carefully entering a forbidden area. "Oh, I think he moved back in-" my laptop died and I just noticed that the charger wasn't completely plugged in. Crap! I look at my clock again, now it was 9:54. I got up out of my bed and changed into my pajamas. I tie my hair and plop down onto my bed. 

harry's pov;  

Well that was delightful, we barely texted and now she wants to say goodnight? Maybe I scared her because she didn't have me as a contact. Wait, maybe she was going to do homework or something. Oh well, I should be grateful that we said a few things. I go on my laptop to check my emails, there was one from Simon, it informed the boys and I that we have to do an interview tomorrow morning on a talk show about our new album. I scroll down and see just a bunch junk mail. I look at the time on my laptop, it was getting pretty late and I have to be up early and get ready for our interview so I decided to go to bed.    

  { next morning }

I wake up by my alarm on my phone, I reach over to it and turn it off. I get out of my bed and walk to my bathroom like a zombie. I turned on the shower and let the water run. I quickly took a shower, brushed my teeth, blow dried my hair and just shook it a little bit and I was off. I decided to just catch a little breakfast from that little cafe around the corner, I was too lazy to prepare anything. I go outside of my apartment and locked the door. I walked outside of the apartment building and into the parking lot, I see more fangirls outside in the lobby. I laugh and pull out of the parking lot and head out to go get some breakfast. 

  When I enter the small cafe, I see Audrey and Lily also eating before they go to school. Audrey sees me and waves, then Lily turns her chair around and waves to. I order, and decided to sit with them. "Good morning!" Audrey says cheerfully while shooting me another marvelous smile. "Morning!" I say while sitting down next to Audrey with a cup of coffee and a muffin. "What are you doing here?" she asks me. "Just getting some breakfast before an interview." I say, "Thats sounds awesome!" she says excited. "So awesome!" Lily mimics her at the same time rolling her eyes. Audrey just laughs at her and says, "She isn't much of a morning person."  "That's self-explanatory.." I mention to them.  I soon finish my food and so do they, we chatted a bit before they we all had to go elsewhere. 

  I pull into the parking lot of the studio where the interview is being held. I already see that Liam and Louis had arrived early because of there cars already parked. Louis parked a bit crooked and took two spaces, that nut-job. I walk towards the building pulled the door to let myself in.

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