Dream Away With Me

-"Its time that you make your own way in the world Audrey Henderson." my mom expresses to me on FaceTime. I sigh and agree with her.

Audrey Henderson and her friend Lily Arthur moves to London to achieve their dreams. Audrey meets up with an old friend; Zayn Malik. When reality hits you, it hits hard.


3. A Runaway

louis' pov;

   As this girl fixes my hair, I hear a door being open. I turn around and see Harry, "Hey Lou!" he says walking up to me and patting my back. "Hello!" I greet him waving, I didn't want to mess up my hair and the stylist. "Where are the other boys?" I ask him, he shrugs and walks towards another stylist. You can see that she is getting frustrated with him because he keeps rearranging his hair, I laugh at him and then my stylist gets mad at me. Soon the other boys come in and get ready for the interview. Well, Niall just went straight to the table filled with food. The producer talked to us about the interview, "Boys! On stage in 5!" she says while holding up her hand. Soon, we all go near the stage and get ready to be called on, "Now ladies and gentlemen, these 5 musicians, have 8 million twitter followers, they have thousands and thousands fans around the world, they beat Adele from a Brit award, their new debut album have reached number 1 in 36 countries! This is ONE DIRECTION!" the interviewer says while motioning her hands towards where we enter the stage.

   Harry came first, after him is Zayn, then Niall, Liam, finally me. We all waved at the camera and audience. All of us squeeze onto a couch, "You boys good?" the interviewer asks us, "Yea, yea! We're good!" Liam says. "Ok boys, how does it feel that your new album is already number 1 in so many places and your last album was also a really big hit!" she asks us holding up our new album. "It was really unbelievable, I mean how dedicated our fans are! Its incredible." Zayn answers. "Yea the fans are a massive part." I say. "Don't you ever get deaf? From all the screaming and shouting?" she asks us. "Actually, we just get that little ringing in our ear ya' know?" Niall says. "So Louis' how's your girlfriend Eleanor?" she asks me. "Oh, she is wonderful thanks for asking!" I say shooting her a smile, "Which one of the boys are single?" she asks raising an eyebrow. Niall, Harry, and Liam raise their hand, and the audience roars. We all laugh and they put their hands down. "Niall what do you look for in a girl?" she questions, "Well, she has to be cute, have a great sense of humor, and uhm well just fun to be around with!" he says looking out in the crowd. The audience screams, "NIALL!" and he slightly blushes. "What about you Harry?" she demands the curly haired boy, "Oh, uhm I guess she has to be charming, funny, and like what Niall said, really fun to be around with." he says showing a grin.

harry's pov;

   I was trying to describe Audrey, but I didn't want it to be too obvious, I was sitting next to Zayn. But I guess I didn't do a good job at because at the end of my sentence, he moves his eyebrows up and down. "Anything going on here?" she asks us, I froze and Zayn shakes his head and we move on. The interviewer asked us some basic questions that we get asked like, "What's your favorite track on the album?" or "What's the best thing about touring?" or "What made you compete in the X-factor?" and so on.

     Soon the interview was over, and we all left the building. We all decided to hang out at the local mall. We all decided to carpool in my car, since I brought along the range rover. Well except for Niall, he had to pick up his cousin in school. I sat in the driver's seat, Lou in shotgun, now in the back was Liam and last Zayn.  When arriving in the mall, I turned on the radio. "Member of One Direction Harry Styles, spotted in London with-" I cut his voice off and switched to another station, "Heart-throb Harry Styles was out with 'COAT FACE'- " I quickly changed it to another one, "-seen with 'Mystery Girl' arrivin-" i was trying to find a different station then I heard, " '-and that what makes you beaut-' " Lou pushes the OFF button on the radio and turns to me, "Pick a station or not at all Harold!" he shouts trying to joke. "Sorry Lou!" I say playing along, "So who's coat face?" Louis asks. "This girl.." I whispered hoping we would end this conversation. "Was it Audrey?" Zayn questions worried yet mad. "No! It was someone else." I said not giving away Lily. "Harry, if you want that girl Audrey, I don't think it would be the best idea to fool around with other girls." Liam suggests. "Its ok, it didn't mean anything. I was just helping her." I say. After that we all just forgot the whole thing and just joked around until we arrived at the shoppes.

lily's pov;

   The bell rings rambunctiously into every class to show that class if finally over! Amen. I quickly pack up and ran out of the doors, I flash through the hallways in the building. I might have bumped into a few people on the way to meet Aud outside Then I stumble upon the music theater. I peek through the window to see if anyone is in there; seems empty I thought to myself. "Aud could wait a couple minutes.." I shook the door handle and it was locked. I pull out one of my bobby pins from my messy bun, causing it to unravel and let my hair down. I bend down facing face-to-face with the lock, I put my bobby pin in there and play with it. You could hear the little rattle noise with the lock and my pin. For a minute or so later a click noise happened, I got up and pulled the door open.

niall's pov;

   "So, where does this go?" I ask my cousin about where to put the heavy speakers. "Oh, just around there." she points behind the curtain near the stage while painting a prop. "Ugh, ok!" I say putting down the speakers. I wipe the dust off my hands onto my jeans from the speakers. I am helping her with her stage and props of her play, she is directing and producing a big school production. She called me to see if I can help her out, of course I couldn't deny my own cousin so I came right down. Her phone rings, "Hey Niall, i'll be right back!" she says running into a dressing room talking to someone. I walk around backstage to see what progress the Drama club has done. I'm guessing their play is about some medieval things, they have castles built and fake swords laying around. I hear a big crash coming out on stage, I gently sweep the curtain and peep my head out. I see Lily on stage, I stay quiet and watch her.

lily's pov;

   I enter the theater, it was really dark so I turned on the light switch. From that, I accidentally activated the spotlight onto the stage. The spotlight showed a big white  grand piano just standing on the stage, I gasped quietly to myself. I walk near the stage and up the stairs, nobody was here so my footsteps were echoed. I sling my shoulder bag over my head and onto the wooden floor. I walk around the piano chair, and finally sat down. I lift up the lid so I can see the keyboards, when I did that it made a big bang. I scrunch my noise by how loud it was. I inspect around me to see if people were near. I looked down at the keys and I pressed two, it sounded beautiful. I smile and tried to play an old recital piece I was assigned when I was 9 years old. I had to admit, I was really good. I played another piece my piano teacher is teaching me now, I had a few mistakes but I brushed it off. I kept playing and playing the notes so gracefully and elegant. I was so into the music, I started to close my eyes and touch the keys from there.

niall's pov;

   Hey, she is pretty good! I smile and keep listening to her, she made every note sound so wonderful. I have to admit, she looked beautiful while playing, her long light brown wavy hair was down on her back and following every move she made; and the light made even more stunning. I smile and got really into the instrument playing, I lean onto what I thought was the wall but it was a tiny hallway that controls the curtains. I drop onto the floor, my hand flying and ends up hitting a control button. I hope it wouldn't cause to much attention. Unfortunately, the curtain open and showed my legs on the stage just laying there. "Oh my god!" I hear Lily immediately stop playing and gasp. "Ouch.." I mumble to myself. Lily walks over to me, "Niall? You gonna get up?" she jokes while holding up her hand. "No, no its ok." I say grabbing a hold of the curtain, sadly; I tore that and I fell again on the stage. She laughs so hard that she starts to cry, I don't know why I found that adorable, she was turning red. I laugh along with her for awhile until I finally got up.

   "What are you doing here Niall?" she asks me, "Oh, I am just helping my cousin with her play." I answer while rubbing my neck. She nods and walks towards her bag embarrassed, "Hey, where are you going?" I call out. "Home!" she says walking away quickly, "I loved what you played! It blew me away!" I say joking. "Bye Niall!" she laughs at the same time waving. She didn't even look back and exited the room. I was up on stage myself, just staring at the exit door. "Bye Lily.." I murmur to myself. "Whoa! What happened?" my cousin demands with her eyes wide open and astonished. I turn around, nervously laugh and look at her.

liam's pov;

   Poor kid. I look at Harry while we are just casually walking in the mall, he looks really embarrassed of what happened in the car. We were looking around a little bored, "Hey! Imma go in here and look at some shoes ." Lou informs us, we go ahead and follow him. A couple of girls spot us and started to whisper and fangirl. It was really awkward. While Harry and I were looking at some shirts two girls came up to us, "Could we get a picture with you guys" she asked in such a sweet tone, "Of course!" I say. The other girl gets her camera and quickly takes the picture, "Harry are you single?" the girl with the sweet tone asked again. He nods slightly, "Are you sure?" ok now I think she is getting a too bit nosey. Harry nods again harder with his curls flying around. The friend just stands there staring, "Ok, thank you so much!" she blurts out grabbing the one talking's hand and walking away. "I told you he was single!" the girl shouting at the one with a camera, she looks back and mouths out, "Sorry!". I laugh and continue to look at the shirts. "This is expensive!" I hear Louis throw a hissy fit across the store to the employee. 

audrey's pov;

     Where the heck is Lily? I've been waiting outside sitting outside for an hour; its Winter too! I am freezing my face off, I swear when I find her I am going to kill her. I decide to call her, the phone rings and it keeps ringing. I reach her voicemail and put my phone back in my pocket. I look around and see a figure coming up to me. "Hey Aud!" Lily says cheering, I just give her a mean stare. I stand up, "Don't you 'Hey Aud' me! Where have you been? I hope you notice that I've been out her freezing my butt off!" I scold her, "Ok, i'll keep that in my conscious! I was just talking to someone." she drifts off looking down. I raise my eyebrow and walk away, I hear the pitter-patter of her tiny feet following me, "Who were you talking to?" I ask. "Niall." she states, I look to her astonished. "What?" she says smiling, "Niall? What were you doing with him?".  "Long story short, we bumped into each other in the theater." Lily tells me while blushing. I bump her with my shoulder causing her to loose her balance, we both laugh and continue to walk in the cold, hell-like weather. 

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