Dream Away With Me

-"Its time that you make your own way in the world Audrey Henderson." my mom expresses to me on FaceTime. I sigh and agree with her.

Audrey Henderson and her friend Lily Arthur moves to London to achieve their dreams. Audrey meets up with an old friend; Zayn Malik. When reality hits you, it hits hard.


4. A cup of sugar

 { next morning, Saturday }
audrey's pov;
   I rub my eyes and sit up from my bed. I look around my room, my window was open and you could see the sun rise. I smiled to myself and there was a note tapped onto my bedroom door, I squinted my eyes and it said, "Hey Aud! I'll be out for the whole day. I'll be out job hunting! See you tonight love! x" I smile and walk in the kitchen. I decide to surprise Lily with some cookies tonight! But first, I am just gonna heat up some hot pockets for breakfast. 
   I gather what I need for the cookies: vegetable oil, eggs, flour, and etc. I go in the pantry to get the sugar, I look high and low for it- None. It can't just magically disappear! I basically tore the whole kitchen apart, and soon I give up and go to Harry's, he probably has some. 

harry's pov;
  I wake-up from my deep sleep by someone knocking at my door. I lift up my head off my pillow but I decide to sleep more. Then the knocking grew louder and annoying. I moaned and slowly get out, and look through the peep hole. I see Audrey with her long dark hair, still in sweatpants. I open the door, "Morning neighbor!' she says while smiling. "Well, your up and early." I say leading her inside. "Wow.." I hear her say to herself, I look at her and she catches me. "Oh, sorry. I've never been inside. Its incredible!" she tells me, "Thanks." I say looking in her light hazel eyes, but she quickly turns away blushing, "So, I was wondering if you have any sugar." she says. We both laugh and head towards my kitchen. I open the top cabinet, "So what do you need it for?" I ask while bringing it down. "Oh, we ran out and I am baking cookies." Audrey says excited. "What's the occasion?"   "Oh, you know.. just in the baking mood!" she said, I gave her a smile. "Do you mind if I join you?" I say, "Not at all!" Audrey says grabbing my hand and heading to her apartment while carrying the sugar.

audrey's pov; 
   I figured why not! "Lets get started!" I exclaimed. Harry gets the flour package and tries to open it and I reach for it and he backs away, "I got this!" he says. "Ha-" Harry finally got the thing open but too much that it exploded all over the kitchen, especially on me, I didn't manage to finish my sentence and I just left my mouth hanging wide open. He just stares at first then breaks down laughing, I gave a devious smile. I walk over to him trying to give him a hug, we both run around the kitchen, "I am going to get you!" I tell him. I didn't catch up to him so I just grabbed the remaining flour and ran up to him and poured it all over his hair. He shakes his hair and the flour goes everywhere. Now, we just laugh harder, "I think we should start baking Audrey!" he says out of breath. I nod still laughing, lucky for us I had an extra flour package in the pantry. I open it with scissors while Harry gets a big bowl. We read the directions, and pour some of it in. I crack the eggs while Harry sets up the oven. I could feel that he keeps looking at me every now and then, it wasn't awkward nor disturbing. 
   "Hey, Audrey the oven is ready." he said with his adorable accent. I smile and put the tray in, he helps me halfway and closes the oven door. "Thanks!" I gave him a smile. "What shall we do for 25 minutes?" he asks me. I think for a while, "We could clean my kitchen!" I say raising an eyebrow. He nods and grabs the sweeper and dustpan. I spray the kitchen counter and wipe down everything. He puts the sweeper near my feet and I look at him giving me a smirk. I roll my eyes and put away the ingredients and such. We finally got done in time, "Good job!" he says. We both high five and bring out the cookies.

harry's pov; 
   We decided to decorate them, Christmas theme. She gets out the icing and sprinkles and lays them down on the counter. We soon start to decorate and talk about, well anything and everything. I learned that she is actually writing a novel, she is an only child, Lily and her known each-other since they were little, and that she had never been in a real relationship. "So you never dated?" I ask her while spreading red icing on a cookie. "I've been on dates, but they were never.. Well interesting." she says taking a bite of one of the cookies. "How come they weren't interesting?" I say. "Oh, well. Each date, I felt like we had nothing in common because Lily kept setting me up. It got really annoying, I mean they were nice but between you and me, those dates were never fun." she expresses to me. I laugh, "I'm serious! They would always take me to expensive restaurants. I would rather go to the park." she says smiling. I look at the clock and it already had hit 4:00.
   "Hey Harry, look! I made a cookie version of you!" she laughs and shows me a cookie that quite looks like me. I smile, "I made you to!" I say holding up a cookie with just red icing uneasily on it. She gives me a stare and comes to me. Audrey dips her finger in the icing cup and spreads it on my face while laughing. She stops and looks at me, it was silent. I look at her, her bright hazel eyes, long dark hair, the small red cherry lips, and peachy skin. She was beautiful. 

audrey's pov; 
   I don't know why I am looking at him. I mean besides his curly hair, lovely green eyes, and charming personality. I don't have feelings for him. Well, I am pretty sure I don't. No, no. We are all friends here, just friends.
   My phone rings on the coffee table very loudly, I quickly step away without a word. It was an unknown caller, I decided not to pick it up. "Who was it?" Harry asks me, I shrug my shoulders and walk to the kitchen. We both continued to decorate the cookies but with not much talking. You could just hear the cars driving outside in the city.

lily's pov;
   I wonder in the lit up streets of London. Not a lot of stores have the "HELP WANTED" sign up in their windows. The whispers and Christmas songs fill up the town lively. I look in my newspaper, for the circled opening jobs I did this morning. I've went to each and one of them, I sigh, tore it up, crumpled it, and threw it in the nearest trash bin I could find. I sit down on a bench around the corner and put my head in my hands in disappointment. 
   Suddenly, I hear a bell behind me, I turn around and see people exiting a nice coffee shop. The smoke of the coffee floats above their hot drinks, "I could use a coffee." I thought to myself. I stand up and walk in the shop. There was plenty of adults coming and going, there was Christmas decorations every inch of the shop. I look around for the counter to order my drinks through the big crowd. 

niall's pov; 
   I was in front of the line in this little coffee shop. I was talking to the cashier until someone bumps into me and cuts me off. I finish where I left off and turned to see who it was, "Sorry!" Lily pats me on the back with a false smile. She walks up to the other cashier next to mine and says her order and we both just wait together. "So how long have you been playing?" I lean over and ask her. "Huh?". "The piano. How long have you been playing?" I ask again. "Oh, 11 years." She simply says. "How long have you been singing?" She leans towards me. "Ever since I was little." I say grinning. Our coffee comes simultaneously to us, "Are you here with anyone?" I ask her, hoping she would say no. We both get get our coffee, "Nope." she says walking to the nearest table. I catch up to her and sit in the chair across from her. 
   "Hey!" I say smiling, "Hello.. again" she says while furrowing her eyebrows. "Oh, do you mind if I sit here?" I ask. "I don't mind at all." Lily tells smiling and taking a sip out of her coffee. 

lily's pov;
   "So, what are you doing out?" Niall asks me. "Oh, looking for a job." I say a little embarrassed. "What kind of job?". "Something with music I guess." I laugh, "Have you checked the record shop around town? They need some employees in there." He says. "Mhm. I'll have to check that." I say throwing away my cup of coffee. I look at the clock, its getting pretty late already, "I'll talk to you later Niall." I tell him while pushing the door outwards. "You're leaving already Lily? Here i'll show where the record shop is." He says grabbing my hand.
   We enter the record shop, "Hey Niall!" the manager comes towards him and they shake hands. "Whats up Cameron?" Niall greets. The shop was a bit dark, there was tons of Beatles posters on the walls, the windows weren't really the cleanest, the shop had rows and rows of cds and records in boxes and shelves. I look at Cameron, he is around his late sixties, gray hair but with a mix of black in there, quite tall, and with killer eyeglasses. "You two know each other?" I question raising an eyebrow. "Yea! I used to always get music here!" He explains to me at the same time, walking and looking at the records and cds in the racks. I follow him, "So you two are tog-" Cameron was going to ask us but I shook my head quickly, "No, no. We are just friends." I explained. I look over at Niall, he looks a bit disappointed that I had said that. "We're here, if you can give her an opening spot in here." Niall says. "Of course!" He says widening his arms, "You can be my assistant, you know get me coffee, sort out the cds and records, or like do errands for me! I am getting pretty old!" He jokes. "So I get the job?" I say with full of hope of a yes. He nods excitedly and I run to Niall and give him a big hug. "Oh my god! Thanks Cameron!" I say to him shaking his hand. He laughs, "No, problem!". I hug Niall again and we both cheer in the small shop.
niall's pov; 
   She comes running to me and hugs me, I hug her back tight. We cheer, "Wait, no interview? Or anything?" she asks Cameron confused. "Nah. Its ok." He tells us, we smile and I put my arm around Lily's small shoulder. She looks at me, smiles and hugs me again. Cameron gives me a smirk, soon the telephone rings and he walks away to answer. "Thanks Niall." she whispers to me. "Anytime." I say. Cameron comes back to us, "You start Monday, at 4. Don't be late " he points at Lily with a fake strict face. She shoots a smile and thanks him. We both walk out back in the cold weather.
   "That was lovely!" She says throwing her hands up and ends up landing on her thighs. "Well, I guess you have to go back with Audrey at home." I say looking down. "Oh. Yea, forgot about that." Lily says also disappointed. "How about I drive you back home?" I tell her. "Its better than walking out here!" She says. We walk towards my car and I open her door. She slides in and thanks me once again. 

harry's pov; 
   "Yay!". "What happened?" I come running up to Audrey curiously. "We're all done with the cookies!" She exclaims. I give her a high-five and we both look at the cookies we made on a big snowman platter. I pull out my phone to take a picture of us and our master piece but suddenly the doorbell rang. She runs up to it while licking the icing off her fingers. She opens it and hugs the person over there. I walk over to the doorway and see Zayn. 
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